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  • Should I buy...

    StyleForum has a "should I buy this" thread which I think is a good way to get some quick feedback on something you're thinking about buying. Any interest in something like this on Dappered? I'll get it started:

    Not sure if this is really all that useful an item to have, but it's dirt cheap. I think I'd like it more if it had leather ends (like a surcingle belt).

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    I don't really care for it. But at $7....


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      I think it is about time to start reeling in the plaid. I feel like I am walking around a lumber jack convention every time I go to a bar.


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        I dig it and when you posted it sort of did a panic 'such a good deal! must buy!'. I held off because of the shipping. You can use the code 'Grill' and pin # 8525 to get Free Shipping (without the $50 minimum) but you need to purchase a non-sale item with it. So I'd say if you are already buying something, then sure - throw it in, its $7.

        Blackwatch and wool aren't very useful this time of year so its probably gonna sit in your closet till the winter.


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          I kind of like it in an abstract sense, but what would you wear it with?


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            Saw the same belt earlier. Like Vespa said, if you're buying something else there, why not?

            I like the general idea of the thread by the way.


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              I have it and wear it all fall. I love it.

              "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


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                I have that belt and its a lot darker than it looks.

                Very subtle plaid


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                  Every time I go to their website I pine over it! Too bad they don't have it in my size anymore.


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                    I love it...too bad I can't squeeze into a 32.


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                      It'll look great holding up your kilt.


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                        I ended up not getting the belt. Sure it's only $7, but I have so many items I bought because they were "only ${some_small_number}" that I never wear, which adds up to ${much_bigger_number}. So time for something else:


                        Looks pretty slim, and I like the natural leather. Not sure if it's worth the price though...anybody know of anything similar I can look at also?


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                          well,I've been itching to buy some meermin shoes for a while now...<$200, same/better quality than AE, better shape (imho)...but i'm a bargain/poor guy..tough to buy retail.


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                            Should I buy: for $50

                            Do you think the color contrast makes it inappropriate for a casual work environment? How would it pair with chinos, jeans, or dress khakis?


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                              @Mixto: Reading about Meermin on SF right now - look like a great option for the money!

                              Where's the best place to buy them (or try them on) in the US?