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    If it would help, I can post a bit of a tutorial on how to straight lace (English) with even and odd eyelets. Odd eyelets require one cross, but it's hidden on oxfords and most bluchers.



      bruschetta: yes please



        So the Edgar I bought came yesterday. It fits quite well. The only thing is that the shoe leather bottom has a tendency to slide on carpet and the shoe scuffs against my ankle when walking ( but only on my right foot though, don't know why). Also the heels make a little bit of noise.

        Help please!



          ppoollkk, I'll write something up about straight lacing when I get a moment free.

          Your leather soled shoes will be slippery if you've never worn them out of the house. Once you wear them on a sidewalk or a street they'll gain traction and the problem will go away. The heel noise is indicative of a cheap shoe (in my opinion), and the rubbing on your ankle is due to either a poor fit or leather that has not broken in.



            Ian's is the go to lacing site...he does a great job of explaining multiple styles of lacing...




              @OP, the rubbing on the ankle is what would concern me, as that can *really* take the panache out of wearing a new pair of shoes. Look into the above lacing site, there are some styles of lacing that can change around the pressure of the shoe to perhaps remove that pressure from your ankle.



                Hi everyone, I'm back. The Edgar was great but the insole stitching came off so I sent it in for a replacement. However, it is now OOS and I have to exchange for another Florsheim.

                Customer rep said these are the closest to the Edgar




                What do you guys think, or are there others from that you like?



                  Oh and I would go for the Canfield but they are out in size 9D



                    canfield is available on Amazon in 9D


                    the next level down would be the Millport (part of their Limited collection); which is a nice shoe with full grain leather (what you want); but, I am not sure if it is GoodYear Welted (which means the shoe will be harder to repair once it becomes worn...Canfield is Goodyear Welted). If you buy this, use "link20" as your code upon checkout (20% off).


                    The replacement for the Canfield (the Chatham) does not appear to be available in your size...



                      Don't even think about paying $160 for the canfield. It regularly goes on sale for $130, and I've seen it as low as $80.

                      The shape is pretty nice, but the overall quality is kinda blah. For $80 it might not be a bad option, but make sure you inspect them right away. Mine had terrible creasing on the left foot. I still have them today and wish I would have returned them.



                        Thanks Bookman, I'm getting the Millport