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    Help on shoe choices please

    I'm a student on a budget and trying to pick out a shoe for my internship/job interviews.

    I'm looking at these two

    They are the same price and pretty much the same style so I can't seem to decide between the two. Which one would you go for?


    The first one is too glossy for my taste.

    Have you looked at this?:



      I would get the Edgar - your 2nd choice. The 1st one is too glossy.



        Thanks pratyk, I really liked the Canfield too, but they don't have them in size 9. The two above are the closest to the Canfield I could find.

        Juan, I was leaning towards the Edgar too, but the reviews on the Lexington were too good and it had a "slip-resistant rubber tap" so I had to think twice about it.



          Hey OP,

          I have the Canfield, and can't wait to get rid of it. The leather on the uppers just below the laces is terribly wrinkled.

          Honestly, they just aren't built that well despite being goodyear welted.

          I plan on replacing mine with the AE Park Avenue's which will probably go on sale next month for $200 @ Nordstroms.



            Might look at the jc penny stafford in store if you're near a mall. The picture makes it look bad but the leather is surprisingly nice and non shiny for 50 bucks. They run a bit large so may want to size down a half.




              So the reason I wanted to buy a shoe off Florsheim was that there was a 20% off code ( Link20) and I found a $80 gift card on ebay for $60.

              I went ahead and bought the Edgar for a total of $68 free shipping which wasn't too bad price-wise. I hope the shoes will turn out to be okay. Thanks everyone for the comments.

              zerostyle, for this summer I'll have to be content with sub-100 shoes, I like the AE Park Avenue for $200 though, definitely something to look at once I get a job offer



                $68 is a really good price for those. About a year ago I paid something like $120-$130 with a 20% off code. Good job deal hunting. For that price they will definitely hold you over.

                I'd suggest conditioning them right away and installing heel taps if you tend to wear down the edges of your heels. Mine look ridiculous right now.

                One quick note: The canfield is only $10 more, and goodyear welted, while the edgar is not (or at least doesn't say it is). Might be worth it. The only difference is that the canfield is a balmoral and the edgar is a blucher.



                  If you're going for "one black dress shoe", a balmoral would be right.



                    I meant "one" as in "one pair". Not sure why I feel I had to clear that up, but OnlyShawn might still be lurking.



                      I was going to buy the canfield but they don't have them in size 9 anymore.

                      Thanks for the advice, I never knew the difference between blucher and balmoral. Do you think the Edgar might be a bit informal to wear to interviews?

                      From what I've heard the first thing people look at is your shoes but I didn't pay much attention to it until now.



                        You know, while the balmoral is more formal, it's definitely one of those things that only those heavy into style will ever notice.

                        Some of the balmorals close so closely together that there's barely a difference. I'd say it's most noticeable if you decide to go with the bar-lacing rather than the standard lacing.

                        Also, just so you know, the Edgar is the MORE formal of the two. Balmoral = closed lacing. Blucher = open lacing.



                          Nobody will care whether or not you've got open lacing--especially if you're in undergrad. My first job out of school was at GS and I went to that interview in loafers.



                            I'm confused, I thought Bal was no leather sewen onto the vamp, rather it was 1 piece like both of those shoes, where something like an AE players shoe was a Blucher because the eyelet piece is sewn ontop of the upper.

                            One thing that I've learned lately is the number of eyelets can affect your ability to do nice bar lacing if you have a high instep etc.

                            My AEs are 5 eyelets in the players and my final eyelets the laces go IN, just so I can do ladder bar instead of Euro Bar lacing that kills my instep. If I never discovered that I would have had to get rid of the shoes.



                              I only do straight lacing on my balmoral shoes. It's more formal, so they go well together.

                              I don't know what you're describing, shadow, but zerostyle described it well. Balmoral (Oxford in the UK) is closed while blucher is open. Ask Andy has a pictorial post.