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  • Heavyweight chino fabrics

    I'm on a kick of heavier weight fabrics lately. Most of my jeans are 16oz and up, and I just received my first pair of Gustin chinos in 14oz. military corduroy. They feel great, but their business model is incredibly annoying and sometimes expensive. These pants were a borderline absurd for me price of $143 after shipping. Are there any other companies that sell heavier weight fabric or has Gustin basically cornered the market?

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    BB has 40% off today. The brushed twill is pretty hefty, and is $70 each.


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      I like flannel lined chinos in the winter/fall as they are pretty hefty. I have a couple of pairs from Bonobos, but you are talking $128 normally. I usually wait for codes/sales and grab em sub $100. You can probably find some less expensive ones at Gap, LLbean, etc. but maybe not as nice.


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        I'll check those out. I think I'm getting a thing for twill, so maybe I'll be in good shape at both places.


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          I went to Bonobos and BB yesterday. Bonobos didn't seem to have anything heavy, at least in a chino. They had some 5 pocket styles that were a little heavier, but still not what I was looking for.

          BB had these which I liked, but they were $118 and did not have my size:

          Guess I'll be waiting on a sale for those. I also went to Gap, but didn't see anything. LL Bean had flannel lined pants that had some good heft to them but were absolutely gigantic. I didn't even bother trying them on they looked so huge.


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            The best heavy weight chino I've found is those by Todd Snyder (here in khaki; they have other colors):


            Not cheap and not very slim but they wear like high quality jeans. You pay but you get very good quality. The material is exactly what I want in a heavy chino. Good for fall and winter.


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              Definitely too rich for my blood for pants. My Gustins were already too expensive.

              Was going to pull the trigger on a pair of dark blue BB twills, but they actually don't seem to even carry a 32 inch inseam in anything but their khaki color. Does that sound right? I've heard of manufacturers offering only a single long inseam like 34 or even 36 to save on the different sizes, but not a single short inseam.


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                Spier and Mackay's casual trousers are heftier than the usual chino but I don't know if they are heavy enough for your taste.

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                  Try searching for duck canvas pants/chinos. I don't know much about them, but I've seen them advertised and assumed they were quite heavy.

                  Also, you said you couldn't find any flannel-lined chinos at Gap. Look online. They have them. I also noticed them at JCrew Factory when I popped in a few weeks ago. Seemed well made and fairly heavy. Also try Lands' End and Eddie Bauer.


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                    I picked up another pair of Gustins, this time the duck canvas. I like my current pair except for the annoying button fly. Maybe it'll break in like the denim button fly, but right now it requires a lot of effort to just take a whiz. The fabric is terrific, and I'm hoping the duck canvas will also feel substantial.

                    Maybe if BB ever starts stocking 32 inseam, I'll pick up a pair of their twills.