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Business casual / dress boot suggestions

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    I've worn my Pacers to work a few times now. They are great and needed basically no break in whatsoever. I'd say the burnished tobacco leather distresses relatively easily which may not be best for business casual, but hopefully they are easy to clean up. They feel very comfortable right out of the box. Time will tell how they wear, but I am happy with them so far. Too bad J Crew discontinued them.

    The Dappered review mentioned that the tongue slid over to the side on the pair that he wore. That would be a pet peeve of mine as well, but I figured my cobbler could rig up some kind of fix if I really had a problem. That said, I have not had the tongue slide to the side at all.


      AE First Avenue if you can find some on the Shoebank.

      Daltons too. Both work great with denim, chinos, and suits.