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Budget Alternative to Huckberry Proof Field Jacket

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    Budget Alternative to Huckberry Proof Field Jacket

    That article on the main site a couple days ago about the Proof Field Jacket reminded me of this jacket I just got from Lands' End the other day.

    I held off on ordering for a while because it looks bland on the LE side, plus it has a flap you can unsnap to cover your butt, and that seemed like it would be weird. But now that I've actually worn the jacket, I can confirm it's actually much better looking in person, and the butt-flap is completely unnoticeable while worn, either in looks or in feel. I was also hesitant about the non-removable hood, but the collar is a little taller than other jackets, which means the hood can fold slimly into it instead of being jammed in and looking like a doughnut around your neck (the one failing of the Marmot Precip I use for my active rain jacket).

    Now that I've worn it some, I realized it hits pretty much all the same basic functions as the Proof jacket, but for around $40 instead of $250. LE has a fleece-lined version, but I prefer the mesh for the relatively mild NC climate. And because it leans preppy more than rugged, I find it works better with my business-casual (leaning business) workplace, while still being casual enough to wear with jeans. And it's typical good LE quality: the nylon is nice and tough, the fit is generous without being sloppy (medium is perfect on my broad-shouldered dad bod, 5'7", 190lbs, 42 chest, 34 waist)... this could easily serve as my only outwear for 11 months out of the year (we usually get one cold month when the topcoats and parkas come out).

    So yeah, this jacket is my jam: cheap, high quality, versatile, and reasonably stylish in that basic-suburban-dad kind of way. So, I figured I would share.

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    Very nice 👍. Mind snapping a pic of you wearing the jacket so we can see what it look like.