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Do I trust my wife . . . ?

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    Agree with the above. I am 6'2" 185 lbs so not too different from you, at age 58. I think the above looks good.

    Here's another way to think about it. My wife does not even notice or care what I wear, so you are blessed that your wife notices and offers compliments. I would trust her judgment!


      You look great! (It's totally legit to question whether you should always follow the advice of a woman when it comes to menswear, even if the advice is coming from a stylish wife.) Nothing wrong with your skinnyish pants paired with your well fitting blazer. Shoes are also a nice color and an appropriately relaxed style. All the colors coordinate well with one another and are in harmony without being too matchy-matchy. Button down oxford shirt is classic and a good, casual but neat choice. You're looking 1000% percent snazzier than the average guy, so it's a huge win. But I might suggest that your trim pants would be more appropriate with a blazer were a little more casual and unstructured (ie. soft shoulder, slightly shorter length), and if your shirt were sportier. That would be my only recommendation.