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Do you wear cologne regularly? What is your favorite cologne?

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    Do you wear cologne regularly? What is your favorite cologne?

    1. Do you wear cologne regularly?

    2. What is your favorite cologne?


    1. I wear cologne on most days.

    2. I use Christina Herrera's 212 Men and Brooks Brothers' Country Club.



      Bulgari Red Tea and Bulgari Black are my favorites. I wear the Red Tea or Bulgari Green Tea most days but am trying to cut back.



        We just had this conversation a few days ago if you want to contribute here instead:



          Am I the only one who finds cologne offensive, even in small amounts?



            The dappered blog is pretty much anti-cologne, actually. I personally love cologne. Anyway, there are colognes that smell like pretty much anything, so if you "find cologne offensive," you probably just don't like the cologne people are wearing around you.

            For example, one could choose to smell like a chocolate chip cookie, if they so desired:


            (note, I haven't smelled this, though Demeter stuff usually seems to smell like what it says it does)



              A slight tangent, but I like they do small samplers of lots of different stuff, from about $5 up. I remember particularly liking the Tom Ford Vetiver I got from them.

              I used to wear Chanel Allure a lot.



                I really like Armani Code. Every time I wear it I get compliments from women. Men usually will ask me what it is too.



                  I wear Ralph Lauren but I can't smell, my wife picked it out.



                    I just use Ogallalla Bay Rum Aftershave, which is fairly fragrant but not exactly a cologne



                      Lately I've been using one from Marc Echo that has an orange scent to it

                      I like it, but more importantly my wife likes it



                        1. Yes

                        2. Lolita Lempicka has been my go-to for years. And no, it is not a perfume.



                          Bumping thread...

                          First off, I find it really surprising that men on a style forum would be so against/ambivalent about scents. A good cologne that matches your body/personality/time of year is an essential part of a wardrobe, IMO.

                          I've been a big fan of more woodsy scents lately, especially vetiver and cedar. The HeWood series by DSquared is great (especially their original, which is great for spring/summer, and the Rocky Mountain, which I wear in autumn/winter). I also love Terre D'Hermes, which has the same woodsy scent, but a bit more citrus added to the mix.

                          I've recently fallen in love with Vetiver Extraordinaire, which is unfortunate because it's $175 for a 50ml bottle. You can find samples and travel bottles online for much less, though.



                            For the life of me, I cannot think of getting myself to spend anything more than 70$ for a 3 oz bottle or so (And $70 a bottle gets you a pretty good cologne at that).



                              Cologne is like any other premium product. You can get a perfectly decent scotch for $35 a bottle, but there are always going to be people out there who will want the $3500 bottle. Does that mean it's 100x better? Of course not. But if you have the disposable income and want something special (whether that be in quality or as a status symbol/conversation piece), why not get it.

                              It's also a different strokes for different folks thing. Personally, I don't understand why anyone would pay more than $20k for an automobile, but I have no problem spending a couple grand on a nice suit or coat.