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Question Regarding Jean Waist Size and Fit

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    Question Regarding Jean Waist Size and Fit

    Hi guys. This is my first post so please so easy. I recently discovered this site and was looking to get some new items for myself after finding my wardrobe really highschool and worn out. Now I just bought some new Levis Jeans in a 34 in waist. How should the waist fit? Currently it doesn't slip off but is fairly loose and I sort of need a belt to hold it up. Would it be better if I exchange it for a 33 waist? It's 559 (relaxed fit) if that makes a difference...


    Welcome and thanks for posting. Jeans are an item that will stretch quite a bit and should be bought much tighter than needed, they will grow into you. They should also fit pretty snug and a straight fit. As a 34 waist I'm assuming you have a fairly slender build. Try exchanging it for a 33 or even a 32 in a 501. They will be very tight at first but after wearing them in they will fit wonderfully.

    Dress for style, live for results.



      Hey thanks for responding so fast. I am trying to get a better understanding of this. Will dropping to a 33 change the fit noticeably around the butt and legs a bit? I tried the 501/505 and they don't really work for me. I'm 5' 11"/200lbs and years of heavy squats have given me pretty thick legs .



        Oh man did you open a can of worms:

        This is all my opinion as there isn't really a written rule for jean fit from what I've read.

        Most of my Jeans I have to wear a belt with for them to say fit properly around my waist and not ride down a little bit. The reason for this is I've weight trained for years, and do squats etc along with playing hockey. To get the jean/work pant legs to not look like they are in a sausage casing I go a size or two bigger which sucks but I like boot cut and straight legs in jeans.

        It also depends on the cut, such as Boot cut have narrower thighs, straight cut are uniform the whole way down, and relaxed are more baggy.

        If you have relaxed fit, I would say get the proper waist size. If you're trying to be more fashionable and want boot cut but the legs are too tight in a 33, then I'd say go 34 and belt. Just avoid the jeans being too baggy, just not a good look.



          This is getting complicated...So say that I do want to stay w/ the relaxed but don't want them to be baggy. How much of a difference would there be for the legs if I go down 1 or 2 inches in the waist?



            They would still be relaxed if you went down an inch or two if they are roomy already. Best method is to try them on in store and see.



              I guess I have no choice now



                I didn't see the squat part, my experience @ 6' 210 I couldn't fit 33 waist boot cut 7 for all man kind jeans. Their straight leg also didn't fit, had to go to a relaxed. That is a more premier brand tailored towards slender people though.

                I'd say drop an Inch if you like the current fit of the legs.

                If you have lots of room and can do 2 for a better waist fit then go that route.

                Thing that may get you from doing squats is your glutes, I was wearing 36 waist dress pants with a belt so that my arse and legs would fit.

                Regarding jean brands, the only time I've ever had comments from women was after I switch to 7's before that nada, afterwards quite a few. So if you're in Vegas, hit up the north outlet 7 store. In Canada those things are $350 a pop, USA I've had pairs for $150 or less!



                  @corz123: There is no substitute for going to stores and trying on jeans of various fits. I'll leave out all the technical jargon and just say you'll get a better sense of what fits you comfortably in all the right places, and what looks good on you.

                  Since Levi's are so easily found in many department stores, that's a good place to start. Try them on in different waist sizes and even start trying on the slimmer fits just so you know what they feel and look like on you. You may find that Levi's in fact do not look good on you, and then you move on to something else and so you go back and forth. But if they work, wonderful.

                  Here's another tip: the waist sizes can have a 1/2" to 1" variance from their listed measurements. This applies to inseams as well--I've come across jeans that are 2" longer than their stated measurement. Go to a dollar store and pick up a tape measure and bring it when you're trying the jeans on. It'll save you time and the hassle of trying on five pairs of 34 x whatever jeans and wondering why some are tight and some are loose.



                    wow great answers guys. this is totally blowing up my knowledge banks.

                    @runners n jeans: where can I find more tips or a primer on how to make jeans looks nice/fits/fabric and other relevant information on finding the best jeans for me?



                      helpful articles:





                        If you have a fashion savy female you can take with you, that could help you make an easier decision and women tend to be more on the judgemental side of jeans I find.

                        Jeans are personal preference and style really, some people think having them around your arse looks good, where others prefer skinny jeans. They are more about expressing your individual style and preference. Where something like a suit, you'd not expect to see the pants low riding ever or skin tight.



                          Well, I'm not a jean-junkie/nazi. I prefer to stay in the "ignorance is bliss" world of high-volume, machine made, < $50 Levi's than $300 Japanese selvedge, fairy-made denim jeans. Jeans are workhorse pants for me so I don't want to care if I get stains on them or if they get tears. I want to be able to replace them easily and without much damage to the wallet.

                          But with that said, you might find some of these resources useful:




                          I'd suggest figuring out the style of jeans that you want--can I presume a classic dark, unfaded, unwhiskered, undistressed, hole-free indigo wash--and the style of fit that best fits your body type. Some guys can pull off skinny jeans because it works for their body. Some guys have to go with a more relaxed fit. It just depends on how your built. Shoot for something that isn't too slim nor too baggy--remember, you can always take it to a tailor to have the leg openings tapered or the waist taken in. If you can nail down the style and fit type, you can save time by eliminating where you go to try on pants--all you have to do is look at the jeans rack and if they don't have any that fit the description, walk right on out of there.

                          Look at pictures and get an idea of how you want your pants to look on you. Coupled with the above comments, you'll be able to get an idea what you can and can't pull of.

                          Examples of how I don't want my jeans to look on me:



                            OMFG DID YOU REALLY HAVE TO POST THAT 2ND PIC, I damn near pissed myself.

                            2nd pic is pretty much "how I never want to look"

                            The Oversized shirt, tight pants and white belt make that guy look like he's got short legs and a really long torso, it looks like the photochopped his torso on a womans lower body.

                            Anyone reading this that doesn't know, matching your belt to your shirt will make your torso look LONGER.

                            Regarding colours:

                            Dark jeans(no rips etc) are more universal and can be worn with blazers etc and work quite nicely with most colours.

                            I like the guy below, he has a bunch of youtube videos as well, I mean LOTs of them but here's an article from his site.


                            The how I think jeans should fit, and I have a pair of these myself(in one of the dark washes, pretty sure it's LA)


                            And here's a straight leg in darker just for how different fits compare




                              Just give away your boot cut pants.

                              And don't write off straight fit pants like the 501 just because you have muscular legs. You really need to try them for a few weeks.