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Suits for an athletic man of generous drop

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    Suits for an athletic man of generous drop

    I'm looking for suiting advice for the athletic man.

    I'm 5'11", ~175#. I have a 41.75" chest, 30.5" waist. Finding an OTR suit that fits is a nightmare and even with tailoring it's tough to take more than 2" off of a trouser waist. Adding to the issue is that I have 39.5" hips and 24" thighs, so slim pants are usually out of the question. I've heard great things about Suit Supply but it doesn't seem from their website that they offer separates.

    Can anyone recommend a source for a decent suit source for someone of my proportions, under $700?


    Yeah not sure Suit Supply is the best option for you. They do have a generous drop but I just feel the pants would be a non-starter for you.

    You sound like a perfect candidate for a MTM program.



      I feel ya, I'm in a similar boat. with a 10 inch drop and athletic thighs.

      Suit supply might actually work for you.

      Though I think an MTM like indochino may be best and will be under your price range.

      Otherwise suit separates at a decent store like Macy's.

      Dress for style, live for results.



        30.5" waist?! That's the measurement right below your belly button. Time to start deadlifts and build that lower back! I heckle you

        I'm 42" chest and 33-34" waist for measuring purposes. But a 32" pant waist is what would be tight on myself.

        You could try indochino, or there was that other suit place in the indochino thread saying how great they were, but the price was $650.



          Seriously though that seems kinda off unless you don't work lower body much. (I don't as much as I should).

          Im the same height with a 38 (maybe .5 now) chest and 31inch waist.



            Jordan; exercising your legs will improve your upper body strength, How? More blood if you build your legs, so you'll get more oxygen to your muscles when doing upperbody exercises and get that extra rep

            And The one thing that can throw all this off is WHAT waist measurement you use, that can really screw up MTM suits etc. Everywhere I've used, waist is belly button. Lots of people seem to use where their pants would sit though, and that can be quite the difference depending if you have protruding bodybuilder abs, or swimmer abs etc.

            They should put a stick saying "measure here for X".

            Regarding my measurements above. I'm not a fat guy in my above measurements, quite vascualar, I don't have a greek god six pack or anything, barely have the outline of one. 6' 180-185 depending on day.



              I have a 9 inch drop (38 chest, 29 waist). I'm also 5' 11. Suits from Bonobos and Macy's Bar III line fit me really well.



                Honestly, there is no off the rack suit you will purchase that can accommodate an 11 drop (athletic fit is generally a 7/8 drop). If you are looking for a top-notch suit, then you need to go bespoke; but, since your budget is a little tight, you need to find a manufacturer who will break "the nest" for you or shop for suit separates. Baroni is an excellent choice in that range of money, and certain men's stores may be able to break the nest on more common styles of suit (plain navy, charcoal, etc...)'ll need to talk it over with your sales person. In terms of separates, I would seriously consider Hardwick (made in the Good ole USA... ) or Jos A Bank (made in the Good ole China...but, you can find a store anywhere...don't get anything below their Signature line).



                  Thanks for the suggestions so far. 30.5" waist is right at my belly button. Regarding deadlifts and working the lower body, I dead 450# and squat 350# so I while I'm not particularly strong by lifting standards, my lack of waist is not from neglecting my posterior chain in my training.

                  Part of what makes my chest measurement quite a bit higher is my traps. My bat wing flares out as it gets closer to my pits. 41.75" is at my nipples.



                    Regarding your lifts, I think you're slightly under rating yourself just oh, a lot.

                    If you're doing 450 controlled up and down deads in the 4-8 rep range that's very good @ 175 lbs.(controlled down is not letting it drop 1RM style) I'm heavier and my 6-8 is 400 range I'd have to really push it to do that with 450.

                    Ass to ground 350 squats is also very good, if you do the olympic "only go to parallel thighs" it's not as good but still pretty good considering 300+lb guys do 1 rep of 1100 lbs with wraps. The worlds strongest man champ I was watching I think used 800lbs for ATG squats, not 1RM, and he's about 6'4 260lbs on gear.

                    Probably 99% of the general population can't do that! Ps you called your lats your traps

                    You still have a crazy small drop,put on some damn body fat! You're going to be stuck on the MTM or Bespoke route, you might be able to get a bespoke suit for $700 if you shop around locally and find a tailor though. The only bespoke tailor I've talked to in my city though was $1100, but I'm sure it would be worth it and I'm actually considering it for all the weddings I'm attending next year, rather than a $400 suit



                      Yes, lats of course. Oddly enough I was talking to a coworker about traps as I was posting and I guess it just skipped right to my fingers. 450/350 are my 1RMs, controlled negative on the dead and ATG on the squat.

                      I can't see myself going out and intentionally gaining BF just to have clothes fit. Perhaps I'll give Indochino a shot. Nothing to lose other than time. FWIW, I emailed Suit Supply and they do have two Npoli suits that can be ordered as separates; a grey and a navy, both with subtle pinstripes.



                        I was telling you to gain fat because you made me feel fat

                        Still impressive weights to be lifting compared to vast majority of people @ 175.

                        You could try these guys as well, they were saying Indochino isn't so great..which after much reading I wouldn't say is a lie.


                        and the indochino review site even said they were awesome, if you watch their videos they have little trick pockets for phones etc. Still acted like Dbags when they posted but thankfully it's not them making the suits.



                          You're measuring your waist at your belly button? That's where you're going wrong.

                          What's the waist size of a pair of pants that you can wear without a belt?



                            I'm wearing Bonobos 31" jeans right now and they had to be taken in at the waist. In most OTR pants I get a 31" or 32" and get the waist tailored in.



                              Gotcha. Well, I would start with suit separates from J. Crew/BR/H&M/Macy's/Nordstrom, trying on a bunch of them and sticking to 100% natural fiber fabrics. I'd snag a solid navy for your first suit before branching out into other colors or patterns.