Hi all -

I moved recently, and my movers lost everything. I moved into a new apartment with a suitcase and that was all.

I am going to need to rebuy almost an entire wardrobe. Over the past couple weeks, I've amassed ~$3,000 in a good variety of clothes, maybe a bit of a focus on fall. I am budgeting ~$15K - $35K on additional clothing expenses (defined broadly -- includes shoes, etc.).

Does anyone have any suggestions? Anything from general to specific works.

Most pertinent info:.
  • I'm tall, pretty lean, and pretty large (usually wear tailored/slim Large-Tall / 44L), so fit is always difficult and I typically get a lot tailored
  • I'd describe my standard style as business casual to slightly preppy; I sometimes like fun/flashy outfits and am okay with a few outfits that border on ridiculous, but overall I try to have some stylistic diversity. Really "big" plaids tend to look really good on me
  • I live in Manhattan and walk to work, so having a good mix of weather-appropriate clothes is very important - I sweat like crazy in the summer and hate the cold in the winter
  • I'm in my 30s and an exec, but my local office is startupy, so people wear everything from sweatpants/hoodies to 3-piece suits (but often manage to be stylish even when dressing down, since it's Manhattan)

The good thing is that I can afford to be more purposeful, with a cohesive and comprehensive strategy. I had a few ideas:
  • Write out approximate quantities and types of clothes, with some specificity, and then aim in that direction
  • Never buy anything unless it's on sale or a good deal from a place that never has sales
  • Find the few lines that fit well OTR and focus on buying from there, on sale, and/or narrow in my M2M measurements, and start by ordering an item or two from ~10 places and seeing what fits best
  • See if any tailors or retailers will negotiate discounts based on bulk purchases

Any other thoughts? Any suggestions on suit brands between SuitSupply (where I'll typically need separates), Oliver Wicks, KnotStandard, Black Lapel, Indochino, etc.?