artistic conception, a strong affection, a kind of love, is love? Is the pain? Hope is yearn day and night ... Now I know no feelings of love is also a kind of sacred. A refined, a miss. I respect the feelings, also the same meticulous and considerate. Is also a kind of happy joy, Replica Watches mixed with any emotion between men and women. But then the natural, harmonious and beautiful. The distance between two hearts so close, it was extremely quiet. Good purity. I like the quiet, like this feeling. The same is the feeling of comfort. Perhaps this is an emotional dislocation by heartbeat, converted to move. Is true love. Far from you my plan for the future. Let me see your upcoming brilliant journey of life. The flash performance as you create a Replica Watches A Lange Sohne should have the courage. Your wild thinking innovation consciousness. The road to success will overcome the hardships and frustrations. I still remember you face, steady personality wild heart. And tender loving care. Every time you appear will experience a struggle. It makes you grow spiritually mature with a pen. In my dreams you smiled and asked me:" what is a successful man?" I also Replica Audemars Piguet to answer you said you had also experienced know, this definition is slightly complicated, one cannot say ..... Haha..... Laughter from outside the window, met a cloud, echoed in the free space for a long time ... Everything seems so natural that insipid. So simple, can contain meaning but makes a kind of suspense. Life emotion sentiment saying: you can't decide the length of life, but you can control its width; you Replica Breitling not about the weather, but you can change the mood; you can not change the face, but you can show a smile; you can not control others, but you can master yourself; you can't predict tomorrow, but you can use today; you can 't be everything smooth, but you can try everything. The road of life is long and helpless, life is very short. I still use a word to describe it { life is a colourful dream see you use the mentality of how to face it, how to measure the value of his life, actually lies not in the length of only is he living quality, Replica Couple no regrets ... } This is my treat life attitude. My view of the world is very wide, is also a wide. In my eyes there is no roads, no wonder. As long as peace of mind to forgive the heart to treat everything you will always be happy. In my dreams you smiled at me and said:" you are the woman? The world women do not ah, you are really special." I know that you appreciate my personality. I appreciate your pride. Mundane figured we would live to see. Even if only the last breath to breath, Yan Yan, also will be able to close their Replica Watches Hermes , not lost in this lifetime. The red road. Passing all rush, life is only from birth to death in a process. So why pay attention to too much! The grudge and fame