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    Thoughts on Suit

    So I am in the process of looking to purchase my first proper suit. I am looking at either pursuing a pair of BB 1818 suits during their next sale, or a pair of Rick's Kansas City suits.

    I'm sure many of you are familiar with BB suits, but what are your thoughts on Rick's Kansas CIty suits.


    I'm interested to hear if anyone has experience with Rick's suits as well.

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      I noticed that it's SuperFine 150s wool - depending on where you will be wearing it, you may find that this won't stand up to a lot of wear.



        Right off the bat the KC one is only half canvas and is 97% vs 100% wool...Therefore 1818 would appear the better of the two...But KC is cheaper...



          OP Here, and I know it's slightly off topic, but I wonder where you'd categorize the suits in this list. Obviously, they would be closer to the bottom of the list.

          Excellent (i.e. if money is no object your closet would be full of these)

          - Brioni

          - Cesare Attolini Napoli

          - D'Avenza (old brand, includes RTW Gieves & Hawkes)

          - Kiton

          - Oxxford

          - St Andrew (includes made for RLPL)

          - Sartoria Castangia

          - Tom Ford (made by Zegna)

          Very Good (i.e. Few suits match the quality of the ones in this category).

          - Luciano Barbera Collezioni Sartoriale

          - Belvest

          - Borrelli Luxury Vintage

          - Luigi Borrelli

          - Canali Milano

          - Corneliani Linea Sartoria

          - Isaia

          - Pal Zileri Sartoriale

          - Raffaelle Caruso (includes Sartoria Parma / some RLPL / RLBL / old RL Signature)

          - Ravazzolo

          - Sartoria Attolini Napoli

          - Thom Browne

          - Zegna Couture (higher quality than mainline Zegna)

          - Ermenegildo Zegna

          Good (i.e. Quality is superior to most suits).

          - Hugo Boss Selection

          - Brooks Brothers Black Fleece

          - Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece

          - Canali

          - K by Canali

          - Cantarelli Tailor

          - Corneliani

          - Faconnable Tailleur

          - Giorgio Armani Black Label

          - Hickey Freeman Mainline

          - Paul Smith Mainline

          - Samuelsohn

          Satisfactory (i.e. The "Average" Brands. Quality is acceptable).

          - Benjamin Sartorial

          - Brooks Brothers 1818 (half canvassed)

          - Cantarelli

          - Etro / Boglioli

          - Hackett

          - H. Freemann

          - Hickey Freeman LTD (half canvas)

          - hickey

          - Paul Smith London (not a suit maker, designer brand - half canvassed)

          - Z-Zegna

          Mediocre (Suits that are mediocre)

          - Hugo Boss

          - J.Crew

          - J. Press

          *List was taken from



            @TheJagMan: "Right off the bat the KC one is only half canvas and is 97% vs 100% wool...Therefore 1818 would appear the better of the two...But KC is cheaper... "

            On the KC, the other 3% is cashmere and is Super 150s. BB 1818 is also half-canvas and is Super 120s.

            That KC looks interesting. It's a pretty striking blue, as opposed to the 1818 navy, which is very dark will look almost black to a casual observer under some conditions. Super 150s fabric, however, will not last as long.

            I think you should also consider Suit Supply.



              Seeing a list like that, all I can do is *facepalm*.



                @nicholarcrawford I don't know, the list seems to be right on in terms classifying brands in terms of quality. Ultimately, I'd take ONE Brioni suit over 5 JCrew or Brooks Brothers 1818 suits any day. Quality over quantity.



                  I could buy a 911 Turbo in cash this weekend. But I'm looking at scooters and used subcompact cars. Why? Value.

                  A Brioni could be nicer, but it doesn't justify the price difference. Maybe when I can plunk down cash for a Lamborghini, the cost premium won't look like much, but I bet I'll still feel the same way then.



                    Five decent suits versus one spectacular one? Depends on how often you wear them. If you rarely wear a suit, then maybe splurge for one. But if you're wearing them often, it's better to have variety plus you can deal with cleaning them better and still have one for the next day.



                      The difference here, though, is that many of the top quality suits can be had for a couple hundred dollars on eBay if you are patient. I've seen oxxfords go for that little multiple times.

                      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                        For a new suit purchaser, the importance of fit really can not be overstated. A fused suit which fits your particular body type is a much better suit for you than a full canvass suit that fits terribly. With a good tailor, you can adjust fit a bit; but, you can't really correct/change what the general style of fit is. After basics of quality are determined, the decision should be based on how you feel in it. I also really recommend (especially for newbies) going to a store where people know what they are talking about (a men's store, generally...or a good Nordstrom) and NOT buying online.

                        To the OP's original question, both suits are very won't know the right one for you, though, until you try them both on...I also would be careful looking at everyday suits with superfine thread counts (130 and above), as often they will not hold up to strenuous use (it will depend on the material and thickness).



                          Very valid points, bookman. I neglected to see the words "first proper suit" in the OP's post. I've had terrible luck with salesmen at department stores prior to understanding fit. Some sort of men's store may be best. But definitely try on in store.

                          "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                            A guy in my office went to a Suit Supply store last year and got several, and to support what Bookman and greg_s said the salesman was very helpful. This guy now looks great.

                            I got the first suit I bought with my own money, a long time ago, at Brooks Brothers, and the salesman was good too. That was back when their summer suits were quite cheap.



                              I ended up getting a Brooks Brothers Black Fleece twill wool suit (charcoal) in BB1 (38S) for $425 this morning at the Black Fleece sale. Normally retails at $1,600

                              Only prob is that I purchased in online because the deal was too good to pass up and the sale only goes from 8am to noon, so couldn't make it to the store.