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Suit to college graduation?

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    Suit to college graduation?

    Hey guy,

    I'm graduating next week, and I have my ensemble (suit) ready for the ceremony.

    However, it was bought to my attention that a suit may be too much. I don't mind being overdressed, but maybe I can skip the tie, keep the top button open or just go the whole nine yards?

    P.s I prefer the whole nine yards. After all, if not now then when... right?


    I'd say weather permitting, just go all out. You only graduate once, don't let friends who you might never see again hold you back.



      I wore suit pants and dress shoes under my gown but I remember it was brutally hot and I even skipped the shirt and tie under my gown. The hood and assorted cords covered up that I was wear a t-shirt underneath. I couldn't imagine sitting in the sun on a humid day or in a crowded hot auditorium in a full suit under a gown.

      I'd say be comfortable and max out at shirt and tie. Throw on the suit jacket after the gown comes off or if you are having a small dinner with friends and family after the ceremony dress up to that.



        I'm in Texas, graduation was brutal (and we had a perfect day in May) - I went with jeans or shorts (dont' remember) and a tshirt or dress shirt. Yeah I wish I remembered better but suffice it to say, go change after you walk. Don't wear a suit. At most shirt and tie. You'll usually have time post-walking to head back to your dorm and change. You'll look better that way and be much happier/less sweaty in the pics.



          I should put this out there, it is in an auditorium/ ceremony hall which I am sure will have a/c.

          But thanks for the feedback guys!



            Suit, but leave the jacket off when you have the robe on.

            Dress for style, live for results.



              I'd treat the graduation gown like a judge treats their robe. Remove the coat before putting on the gown. Then after the ceremony, once you take off your gown, you can throw the jacket back on. Maybe have your parents hold it for you or something.

              Personally, I was taking shots of tequila up until an hour before the ceremony and wore slacks with a t-shirt.



                I'm surprised no one said "birthday suit" yet, classy group I guess.

                I agree with tomservo and saleen, suit jacket when not wearing the robe. I think your shoulders would look too built up, plus with all those people, it may still get hot inside.

                For mine, I had dress pants, dress shirt and a tie, and I also did the unzipped-robe-look to show my outfit during pictures. Plus, I ditched my department to sit with my friends and share a flask of Jim Beam. Style is great, but just have fun out there, you worked hard for it.

                On a 3rd read through, it sounds like it's your department graduation, so in that case: just look in the mirror and if you look good, you look good, that's all that matters.