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    Funny you should mention that. I was watching that movie and thinking 'finally something positive about living in the frozen north.'

    Perhaps we need a 'looks you like but could never pull off' thread.



      @Jessy I liked this picture you posted:

      I tried replicating it with stuff I already had...does this work (My mirror needs a washin!)?



        @Acousticfoodie: To me, the jeans feel a little too large for cuffing and the shoes a bit too rugged for the look.



          @mixto: Thanks for the feedback! I can solve the shoe problem by using my strands instead. Would a tighter cuff work or do I need more fit jeans?



            What is the name of this tie knot?


            Re: Tie Bar position, I was always taught the tie bar should be placed between the 2nd and 3rd button of the shirt (from the top, with the collar button being the 1st). Thoughts?



              @Acousticfoodie: Hard to say, maybe the fact that the cuff is pressing against your leg, make it look wider than it is. What type of cut is the jean? cuff size wise I'd go 1.75" or 2". Your left cuff seems smaller than that and the right bigger (I could be wrong!)



                Acoustic, here's what I'd say:

                1. Tighten your tie. Either wear it properly or take it off entirely.

                2. I hate cuffs on jeans with an undying passion. Many disagree, but that's me. They look especially bad to me when paired with a blazer.

                3. You can probably get away with the shoes, but ya, they are a little rugged.



                  zerostyle, are you my alter ego? Stop posting the thoughts that I have in the order that I have them!

                  Acoustic, the shoes are unattractive and the tie knot is loose. Other than that, good job. I think that the jeans look good, but I don't like tight or skinny jeans on men. The rolled cuffs detract from the nice matching you have going on with your pocket square, shirt, and blazer.

                  Jessy, that's a nice outfit!



                    "Splendor in the Grass" and "Bonnie and Clyde" are favorites of mine.



                      Saw Bonnie & Clyde on Netflix a month ago and really enjoyed it. Unlike Public Enemy, where the book was far better than the movie, the movie does a great job of telling Bonnie & Clyde as a story that can't possibly end well.

                      Anonymous Jay - I think that's a four-in-hand knot.



                        Why not like yourself??



                          nicholas fantastic!



                            My cocktail videos >



                              Not gonna embed any of these, but here's a ton of photos if you wanna kill some time. Most of them are peacocking Italians ("Oh, I didn't see you there taking a picture of sockless me smoking a cigarette but did you get my Hermes belt?"), but there are a few solid looks in there (blue is always the steez).


                              General observation: I'm just not getting the DB trend at all. Looks so forced on most of these people, and the "slimming" of the coat isn't really helping. The best ones I'm like, ok, this is alright, but think about how good it would look if it was single breasted. Just adds unnecessary girth and fabric for a summer look, imo.

                              Actually, I think tdig ^^^ posted some from this set.



                                Acoustic - thanks!

                                A double breasted suit is not intended to be slimming - it adds bulk by its nature. I think it's a poor choice for the portly Italian men wearing them, but a guy like Nick Cannon can sport it pretty well.