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    Preferred Leg Opening Size

    What is everyone's preferred leg opening size?

    I ask because I just got a few more Bonobos pants to try and no matter the model they always look like bell bottoms on me even in the straight leg. They fit the knee perfectly and then somehow just flare out below the knee. Must be something about the construction that causes them to almost pancake and as opposed to being a universal distance away from your leg all around they are right up against your leg in the front and back and far away on the left and right sides. More of an oval opening.

    I have found that pretty much anything over 16" is too wide for me and anything under 15" begins to give me a skinny jean look. The Bonobos pants quickly measured about 16" - 16.5".

    I am 6' 165 pounds with a 31" waist and a soccer build.

    For reference here are some other common leg openings:

    Levis 501 - 17"

    Levis 514 - 17"


    Somehow I stumbled upon the "magic" number of 15" enough times to think that was the leg opening to shoot for.

    Owning a variety of pants that seem to be between 14" and 17", I'd say 14"-15" is just right for me and I'm not going to become a nazi about it.

    I recently had a pair of baggy Dockers D2 pants tapered at the knee from a whopping 17.5" to 15.5" and I wished I had gotten that extra .5" taken off



      Personally, I prefer somewhere between 7.5 and 7.75. I'm not super nitpicky about it but that's what I shoot for.



        I've gotten most of my bonobos straight legs tapered below the knees to 7" and hemmed short enough to show socks or no socks.

        now i have the best of both worlds. night bonobos upper fit plus a great taper.

        5'10" 165lbs. aesthetic build.



          I prefer 8"/16". Depends if you're doubling the number or not.

          I'm 6'1", 145 lbs. I can go smaller, but it tends to drape better at 8/16.



            An aesthetic build? Is this a new term (to me at least) or just typo for athletic?

            @NC - Thanks for clearing that up re: 7" or 8" when first people were talking 14-17".

            For me I'm fine with the Bonobos straight leg fit, although it definitely could come in a little bit. I'm a bigger guy, and don't like my pants to taper to the point of being noticeable, lest I look like a human top.