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Grey suit/ Dark navy blue shirt/ brown shoes - suggestions for socks

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    Grey suit/ Dark navy blue shirt/ brown shoes - suggestions for socks

    Hey Guys,

    So I recently purchased a dark grey suit which I need to get tailored, along with a dark navy blue dress shirt, with a plaid pocket square that accents the shirt and a tie that goes with them. I also bought a pair of brown dress shoes.

    I will post links to the shirt/ pocket square/ shoes/ tie. These are rough iterations however, not the exact patterns.


    pocket square:,1277497080,10/stock-photo-red-and-blue-plaid-55955917.jpg



    My question is:

    What kind of socks do you suggest I go with this combination?

    I dont want a plain socks, something colorful maybe even patterns, however, some of you might be reserved with those.

    Maybe a dark navy socks that matches the shirt with a few patters -

    or maybe these:$thumbnails$

    or maybe just a dark navy with a minimal pattern$thumbnails$

    Any suggestions?


    Plain dark navy would probably work. I would say that considering the more vibrant patterns on the pocket square and tie, you probably don't want much pattern on the socks. Perhaps a maroon would work too?

    And you can always go simple and just match the pants.



      Purple socks with brown shoes depending on how light they are can look sharp

      Shoes are too dark in this and it still looks good, walnut is better.



        Thanks guys!

        @thmage: dark navy seems like the best bet! and yea because of the patterns I wouldn't want to go with patterns on the socks as well.


        @shad0w4life : Purple...hmm never thought of that!

        sort of maybe a mix between purple and maroon:


        what do you guys think? If that doesn't work out, i'll simply stick with plain navy blue since I dont want too much going on.



          Hmm dark enough to keep it low key but it should at least avoid far too much matchy match. I'd try it with the brown shoes, im personally looking for bright purple for Grey and walnut combo so I may be biased



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