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    Best Suit for under $1,000

    I am looking to upgrade from my current Jos A Bank suit I got in college. I can spend about $1,000 but would prefer to spend less. I am willing to be patient and wait for semi-annual sales. At this price range, where and what should I be looking for? Also, does anyone have any experience with It's a MTM suit at about the price range I'm looking for - just not sure it would be better than whatever I can get at Brooks Brother's best sale + tailoring?


    I have posted this recently:

    The $379 Danielle from Wizard of AAHS is highly recommended...I've seen one in person, they're much nicer than any Jos A Bank (JAB)...

    This is in their description:

    No expense was spared on this suit it is first cabin all the way. The fabric is a superfine, super 150s wool in a tropical weight suitable for year round use. It has notched lapels, dual side vents in a single breasted 2 button design.

    The following is what sets this suit apart from other boutique labels putting it "Best of class"...A full floating canvas front, NO fusing, pick stitching around the lapels reaching all the way to the hem, then around the pockets and even along the back vents!

    ! Check out our references links below, do an Internet search or check out online fashion forums and you can see what makes us one of eBay's special elite sellers!

    For a $1000, I'm fairly certain you can find a MTM suit, locally...



      TBH, the JAB Signature Gold's aren't bad. And when they run their Buy 1 get 2, they're pretty affordable. They'll need some tailoring as almost all suits do. It's the lower end Signature suit that are pretty bad.



        Can you share a little more about what you're looking to do over time?

        If you are like I was about 6 months ago, you will regret your first "real" suit purchase. My 4th suit purchase of my life was the first good one. For that reason, I would counsel buying a couple less expensive (still 100% natural fiber, tailored or MTM) suits before spending $1000 on one suit. You'll develop a sartorial savviness that you just can't get from reading a website for a while.

        I say this to save you money. Suggesting a brand for you without more information seems premature, but it would be hard to go wrong with a slim fit, solid navy Brooks Brothers suit. But I wouldn't do that unless you have closer to $2000 for a suit budget and could get a couple different BB suits. But I wouldn't do that if you're in your early twenties and could still change shape. See how it's hard to answer your question? =)



          Nicholas, thank you - very helpful. I'm 23 about to finish my first year of "real life" out of college. My first suit was from men's wearhouse and then I subsequently "upgraded" to two Jos Banks suits around graduation time. I outgrew the men's wearhouse suit (and it was black). One of the JAB suits has already fallen apart, not to mention they don't fit very well and are pleated.

          Fortunately, my office is business casual, so I rarely need to wear a suit, but I would like to have one nice, well fitting suit for work occasions where I do need to wear a suit. I completely hear you on not dropping a ton of money on a suit when admittedly I don't really know what I'm doing, but then again I'm also hesitant to buy mediocre quality stuff after my experience with the JAB suits where I feel like I was essentially throwing money down the drain on something that would neither last very long nor look very good while I was wearing it.

          Slim fit solid navy Brooks Brothers was exactly what I was thinking - I figure the best deal on that would be the upcoming semi-annual sale, right? What else would you reccomend at a lower or similar price range?



            Assuming you're not in a rush to actually buy something, go out to as many stores as you can and try on as many suits as you can. Take pictures. Make sure you understand why you think something fits or doesn't fit. Ask questions.

            Whatever you do, don't drop $1000 on a suit unless you really, truly know what you're doing. Unless you have cash to burn, in which case, feel free to spend and help keep our economy afloat.



              Mr. Ned has some pretty high-profile clients (ie Wes Anderson) so you probably can't do much better for the $800 or so he charges. Though it might take some trial and error to totally nail the fit on your first custom suit

              [ ^ that's all hearsay, I have no experience with him directly]

              Don't buy a suit on eBay. It just doesn't make sense. If you do have $1000 to spend, my suggestion would be to go to some higher-end men's stores. Try to find a salesman who understands the fit you're looking for



                If you know what you're doing and know your measurements well I wouldn't ignore eBay. You can get the best suits in the world for a fraction of the cost. A NWOT Kiton or Canali or Isaia will be pricey, but a much higher quality suit than any of the others listed thus far.

                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                  IMO, the best options are:

                  1. BB Fitzgerald fit suit - can be had for around $600 - half canvassed - need to watch for sales though

                  2. eHaberdasher Benjamin suit - $500 - fully canvassed. I had some issues with the collar not completely clinging to my neck though, which is apparently being fixed in the new models that come out in a few weeks.

                  3. With patience, you can check outlet stores for brands like Hickey Freeman in the $500 range also. HF runs a bit boxy, though.



                    +1 on Chareth. Plus, he knows BB best on this forum.

                    No matter how much money you have, you don't have money or time to waste. Trying on 25 suits from 5 stores would calibrate your expectations before hunting online. Just beware of the temptation to buy a pinstripe suit because it's a deal.

                    A custom/bespoke suit can be a risk too because you might be tempted to check all the boxes for options, rendering a you a suit that is not multi-purposed. So, even if you shop around and still come back to a Fitzgerald, you'll have a context for styling and a clarity for sizing.



                      I would absolutely not buy a $1000 suit at 23. Your body is still changing, you're still trying to figure out your style and you likely have other things to spend the money on.

                      We're lucky to live in a time where there are a number of quality options available for much less. Don't spend more than $500-600, and like Nick said just try on as many as you can so you get an idea of what fits well on you.

                      Dress for style, live for results.



                        Suit Supply. $500.

                        Save the other $500 for when you figure out what you actually want, then get another Suit Supply suit



                          You could get a NWT Corneliani suit on eBay for less than $600. Italian made and fully canvassed, they are really nice suits.



                            Thanks to those of you cautioning against spending a lot without knowing too much, I think that does make quite a bit of sense.

                            I'm pretty sure I need to buy it from somewhere I can try it on and talk to a salesman. Brooks Brothers sounds like what I'll end up doing. How much nicer is the Golden Fleece than the 1818? Any thoughts on Charles Tyrwhitt suits?



                              Suit Supply is free shipping and free returns so it is essentially like being able to try it on in store just the store is in your home. It also fits very slim and has the modern look you see in fashion magazines and that most young people are going for. If you have a pretty slim build but still a sizable drop I would definitely recommend checking it out.