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    I definitely wouldn't rock the no socks/kapris thing, but I've seen guys that I thought pulled it off - mostly younger ones. I'm unsure if I could pull off dress shoes with no socks; I'll probably try it sometime this summer.

    As far as trends I don't like go... mustaches? I see a lot of hipsterish people with mustaches, and I'm not sure if they're ironic, or if they started out ironic and are now legit, but I really don't like them either way! Also not a fan of guys tucking pants into their boots. Also, this applies mostly to women, but I don't know at what point socks with sandals or heels became okay. I often see mannequins in store windows with pumps and frilly socks, and it always makes me shudder involuntarily. Even talking about it right now grosses me out!



      Seeing how this is shaping up to be a definitive list and someday sticky, I am concerned with some inconsistencies in the list. You say "Men in skinny jeans" but don't specify men when talking about facial hair on the neck. ;-)



        No wire hangers!

        Wait, no white socks? What am I suppose to wear at the gym when I'm wearing my 1980s shorts, argyle?

        Just curious, why the aversion to split toe shoes?



          Are you talking about those 5-toe shoes everyone wears now? If so, those creep me out, so maybe that's why! They're also terrible in terms of support, apparently.



            @pitseleh - the lack of support is part of the point of those five-toe shoes.

            Well said with your "kids these days" comment.



              I admit I might have to stifle a snicker if I saw most of this list of "style faux pas" on the street, but... no white underwear, non-gold yellow metal watches, digital watch rules...?

              Come on, now...



                "Long-sleeve shirts with shorts."




                  One of the biggest style no-nos is making a long list of prescriptive and prohibitionist pet-peeves, and passing it off as some kind of guide to style. A gentleman's style is about knowing how to dress and groom to look good, and a good deal of the concept is knowing what looks good on you, developing a personal style, and wearing it with confidence. Except perhaps for dress codes such as black or white tie, style is not about uniformity and compliance with petty arbitrary rules imposed by self-appointed martinets of style. Each gentleman has the priveledge to follow his own rules of style, and nobody else's.

                  Dressing by a long list of rules is perhaps a good starting point for very young men just discovering style, but it should be left behind in favor of understanding, confidence, and personal choices. I can't imagine why anyone would care what kind of underwear anyone else wears, or care what anyone else thinks about one's own underwear. Or why any gentleman should swear off anything crafted from silk.

                  I think that the best course of action is for stylish gentlemen to do their best to stay off the original poster's lawn; while dressing as they wish, to please themselves. Sheep in uniforms are not stylish gentlemen. Just say no to style by dictate.



                    If you have a well-cultivated sense of personal style, you would intuitively know that wife beaters have no place as outerwear in any environment. Especially black tie.



                      Cause Moe, this thread is intended to be a bit of fun. Try listing a few articles of clothing that make you groan. You might find that developing a sense of humor is good for your health.

                      You're trying to start a fight where there's no cause. There's something intrinsically silly in creating a list of "unapproved" clothing. It's entertaining, whimsical, and fun. Try it. You may enjoy stepping off of your high horse and taking things less seriously. It's certainly less stressful.



                        For me, giving a %H!+ about what anyone else wears is needlessly stressful. YMMV. And pontificating about it is generally done from a high horse; certainly higher than my own mount. But I will try to stay off your lawn.

                        If you think I lack a sense of humor about it, then you might investigate the works of philosopher F. Leghorn, and see if maybe "you're built too low."



                          - Tanks in a non-athletic setting. Most guys can't pull off tanks, so they should stop trying. Not to mention it's gross, I don't want to see your pits.

                          - Dad jeans...



                            Cause Moe, I'm going to assume that you're an intelligent, affable person and that you're just having an off day. Relax, no one bears animosity towards you here.

                            thmage, Good additions! I'll re-post the list with everyone's updates in a day or so.



                              no frunt tuck (yes frunt is spelled wrong on purpose to make my point). T-shirts are fine as long as they have no print. You should be punched for wearing any clothing that says "affliction" on it. By an MMA fighter.



                                I'll disagree with the black dress shirts, fine if you're going out to club etc.

                                The five finger shoes...I will disagree depending on when they are being used. Anything with shocks on the back, thick padded sholes etc should be avoided when running and weight lifting. Not for fashion reasons but for overall well being of your joints. Pretty much if you wear any non thin and or hard sole shoe to the gym, you shouldn't be there until you do some research.

                                Now don't wear the five finger shoes for a stroll out on the town, but if you're hiking or training, go for it.

                                T shirts and tshirts under blazers...Jude Law does the latter, looks very presentable if done right. I would however say poor fitting tshirts on 18+ should be avoided.

                                Ear lobe plugs...if you're in Avenged Sevenfold that would be perfectly acceptable!