As many of you know, they are running on of their sales where you goto the website and it will hand you either a 30,35 or 40% off coupon code. The 40's are obviously very rare, but it still comes down to a computer system handling it and of course all computer systems are open to manipulation. Follow the instructions below and you can reset your browser cookie to give you the 40% off coupon.

Using Firefox add the add-on 'cookies manager' or in Chrome, add the extension 'editthiscookie'

Open up the extension / addon after viewing bananarepublic site (and it says 30% off at the top banner)

Find cookies and search for the cookie 'mktUniversalPersist'

Edit the cookie and scroll all the way to the end where it says 'SEG' then a character. change that last character to a 'D' and save.

Refresh and your banner should say 40% off and give you the BRSUMMER40 coupon, add this coupon code when you're checking out.