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Looking to buy my first vest/waistcoat, what do I need to consider?

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    Looking to buy my first vest/waistcoat, what do I need to consider?

    I have decided to buy a waistcoat/vest for casual/work wear. What do I need to consider with respect to fit/style/color? For my first vest, I want to keep the price under $70, as I'm not 100% I'm going to love wearing one. Anyone hae some suggestions for a relatively inexpensive?


    First need to determine you mean like a suit style vest or a sweater type of vest...For the suit style, JcPenneys has several at $25/each or suit warehouse type of places like Burlington Coat Factory or K&G if you have those around you...



      Vests are tricky to fit because sizing is S/M/L, but it's important that it fits well through the body and hits perfectly in length. You want it to hit the top of your pants without...I would say...covering your entire belt buckle.

      I like wool vests that are the same fabric throughout without the polyester back.



        Try and find something WITHOUT a buckle for non suit wear too, it's tricky. Probably have to go wool like nick said, but that's more expensive. I'm thinking of going the same route as well, a light grey vest would be perfect. Also from my understanding is less buttons=more formal, go figure. Also the bottom button is always to be left undone, factor that in if you're trying them on in store.

        Paul Fredrick has some on sale right now, but their quality sucks the big one, I do like thier pants(so far from just look), but the two long sleeve polos I ordered shrunk and fit like tents still, and their sport shirts are nothing great either.

        Just looked here, you might be able to score them cheap if they have coupons

        Good examples of length etc. not sure why they have bottom button done up.

        Coupon page:

        And a bit of history on the possible reasons why