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    I know not many people on here are fans of Indochino, but has anyone tried other companies like them? iTailor?

    With store bought suits, there is typically something that the tailor can't fix. I should wear a 38 jacket, but my shoulders never seem to fit right, so I have to downsize to a 36 and tailors have chore to get everything else right. I want to try an online custom company but don't know which one. Any good experiences?


    The $379 Danielle from Wizard of AAHS is highly recommended...I've seen one in person, they're very nicer than any JAB...

    This is in their description:

    No expense was spared on this suit it is first cabin all the way. The fabric is a superfine, super 150s wool in a tropical weight suitable for year round use. It has notched lapels, dual side vents in a single breasted 2 button design.

    The following is what sets this suit apart from other boutique labels putting it "Best of class"...A full floating canvas front, NO fusing, pick stitching around the lapels reaching all the way to the hem, then around the pockets and even along the back vents!

    ! Check out our references links below, do an Internet search or check out online fashion forums and you can see what makes us one of eBay's special elite sellers!



      I'm an Indochino fan. I wore the pants from one of their suits yesterday. They feel amazing. And I wore one of their suits the day before. Tons of compliments. The process is a journey, I'll tell you that, but I think their suit patterns are ideal for tall, thin men.



        IndoChino is good quality for the price you pay, its just the first suit you get is going to need to be altered or sent back. I ordered a cotton suit and like Nicholas said, the pants fit AMAZING. The jacket was too big though, and needed to be remade. I did not have the time to go through the process, as I had already waited a month to receive the first suit, so I ended up getting a refund (which they did no questions asked!).

        That being said, I want to try them again soon because I like their selection and am confident that once you get your size dialed in its a useful source for suits. My understanding is that they've switched to laser cut fabric, so ordering subsequent suits after your first is a simple affair and you won't need any major alterations since a computer, not the tailor, is doing the important cuts based on your measurements.

        It is more money but Proper Suit is the premier online MTM suiting source. If you live in a big city its also likely that you can meet with one of their people and be measured as well as sample all of their fabrics. Its more money than indochino but apparently great suits. Brooks Brothers also has a MTM suiting option that is similarly priced.
 has reviews of some other online MTM websites, with comparisons to IndoChino.



          In a month I will be upgrading from a business casual job in non-profit, to an all suit position at a high-end fashion company (eek).

          I currently own one suit.

          I ordered a year-rounder at Land's end today as a stop-gap/beater, and I want to also try one from Indochino. I think they are a good option for me as they have a bunch of possibilities (seasonal fabrics, Double breasted, gth ish linings) and they seem to update their collection fairly often.

          I am willing to take the time to get my measurements dialed in, because if I can make it work it will be a big money-saver for me.

          Do the Indochino users here have any tips for getting things as close as possible the first time around?



            The thing that worries me about Indochino is that the jackets are fused instead of canvassed. That and the material is all Super 110's and Super 120's. I love the options and everything, but I need a few suits I can wear weekly.



              I own a handful of Indochino suits, and can say that IMO they are the best you can get at their price point.

              Chris the best advice I can give you is to write down every single measurement Indochino lists, then go to your local trusted tailor and have him take them for you.

              My first Indochino suit was dam near perfect, with the exception of the jacket being a bit too long (which I got shortened and then got a refund for the cost from Indochino).

              Customer Service is awesome and like others have said, the suits feel amazing.



                Ryan, you make an interesting point. I have heard so many conflicting things about Indochino construction Different places say they are full-canvased, half-canvased, and fused, but there is nothing on their site that says what they really are (of course they may not want to advertise that they are, in fact, fused). Thanks for the info.

                Thank you TRSco for the tip about having my tailor do the measuring, I will do that. I'm also looking forward to testing out the Indochino fabrics when my tailor's kit arrives.

                I am pretty easy going on clothes, but I will pony up for something fully-canvased once I get some cash flow going.

                Oh, the burden of having to take my clothing addiction to the next level



                  There is a twitter quote somewhere out there about how Indochino is made and it is pretty much, from what I recall, canvasing that is fused together at places. I think its a little step above just regular fusing. Keep in mind, that at even at somewhat above the IndoChino price point, suits will have at best half canvasing and full canvasing is pretty pricey. I personally think the fused hate is pretty much overblown - if you ask a tailor, it doesn't matter if its fused or canvased as long as it looks good on you. Better to buy a fused suit that fits really well than a canvased suit that looks okay, just because you can get a better 'deal' and 'the quality is so much better'.

                  If you want to pony up for canvased and do MTM, go with proper suit's program - all their reviews are glowing. For off the rack, I think canvasing IS a good benchmark because it means everything else in the manufacture and detailing of the suit will be of higher quality but to get the true benefit of canvasing (aka the suit that you can throw on the ground and it still has shape) it requires some internal alterations or be true bespoke.

                  Thats just my opinion and I wear mostly casual, unstructured suits so I'm by no means an expert and might be talking out of my ass. But thats the general interpretation I've gathered on the nuts and bolts of fused vs canvased.

                  I believe suit supply are all half canvased and people really like the Last Call Hickey Freemans (although I did not). Its always good to have options.



                    Proper Suit turned me off with this post:

                    Chris - I would say I did two major things wrong with Indochino. I was afraid my numbers were too low and rounded up, figuring that a tailor could take them in if it was too tight/long. Big no-no. Second, I was thinking a month or so for the two suits I ordered to be done and ready. It was closer to 4 months. It took me a while to find a tailor I liked on my end, and it took them about 6 weeks to make the suits because of their schedule.

                    Knowing what I know now, I probably would've pushed for a remake on the first jacket, but it's to my liking now. I don't know if I should post this publicly, but they agreed to give me $200 in alterations credit total which was...well...awesome. I'll keep buying suits from them!

                    Going forward, I'm slightly unclear whether the not-English-speaking-tailors that I've hired properly filled out the alterations paperwork and whether my measurements are correctly reflected for the next suit. I guess we'll see.

                    They're not thick, heavy suits. They're inexpensive. They fit me really well. It does seem like they do best with tall, thin builds. I know you've said you're not a skinny dude, so I can't speak to how they will do. They guarantee your satisfaction or your money back, so...I would take the plunge. =)



                      I've read good things about thickasthieves.

                      - i think if i am going to ever have a mtm suit i would go with this company

                      - website -

                      - lookbook -



                        Thick As Thieves makes their jacket really short. I'm not into that look.



                          I have purchase from Thick As Thieves, you can ask Jason to make it to your desire jacket length. I don't think Jason will have any problem with it.



                            I'm thinking of trying out Wizard of Aahs. I don't typically fit well into OTR suits, but he allows for a free return, so it may be worth a try since all I'll lose is shipping. I know all of the comments sound the same in his pictures, his suits don't seem to fit him well, but they sound like they're high quality so it may be worth a shot. I just need to find a better tailor. Any tips on what to ask a tailor to figure out if they're any good?



                              I don't think I'm following you. You want to order from someone whose photos show suits that don't fit well?