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Banana Top Coat Advice

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    Banana Top Coat Advice

    So I exchanged my khaki trench from Banana for this:

    Many of the reviews advised going a size down, so I went along with it, and ordered a Small.

    The coat arrived today, and it fits like a *very* tailored sport coat, meaning that it's not easy to swing around my shoulders and slide my arms into. Not tight, but snug. I realize pics would help in this situation, but I haven't had a chance to snap any yet. Once the coat is on, it has a tailored fit representative of the picture from the link. None of the buttons pull when buttoned, but again I would call the overall fit "snug." There's no way I would be able to fit the coat in this size over a normal sport coat or suit jacket, though I don't think I would plan on wearing it with one anyway.

    Is that kind of fit OK with a top coat like the one I've linked to?


    I think if you can't fit a topcoat over a suit jacket, it's too small.

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