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Suggest a black knit tie and tie clip

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    Suggest a black knit tie and tie clip

    I have a couple upcoming weddings. I will be wearing a crisp white tailored shirt, khakis, brown belt, and brown desert boots. I want to wear a black knit tie with this (yes, it will work!). Any recommendations on a stylish, skinny-ish, inexpensive tie and tie clip?



    #2 has a ton of knit ties with tie bars to match, GQ practically features them monthly.




      If I get this 2 inch black knit tie should I get a 2 inch tie bar like this brushed silver one? Or should the tie bar be shorter than the tie?



        I've always thought it looks weird when the tie bar covers the whole tie. But some people think it's weird the other way around. If I were you, I'd go slightly shorter on the tie bar (but not by a lot - you don't want it to be so short that it looks goofy with your other ties that might not be as skinny).

        Especially since your 2" tie probably flares slightly - the tip may be 2" wide, but the place where the tie bar goes might be slightly thinner. 1.5" or 1.75" will probably work best for the tie bar.




          There's also this one from the Knottery. It's a little wider, but not as cheap and not as worn by Jason Sudeikis.


          Been thinking how dope it would be to wear a black knit tie to a black tie affair. Eagerly awaiting my first gala with this idea.



            I got a black silk knit tie from the tie bar, 2 in and I ordered a 1.5 in tie clip. It covers about 3/4 of the tie



              I ended up ordering the 2.75" navy silk knit tie and a 1.5" tie clip. Since I've never worn or tried on a 2" tie I opted for teh more conservative 2.75" in case the 2" I didn't like on me. I also ordered the 1.5" brushed straight silver tie clip. I was debating between the 2" and 1.5" clip and opted to cover less of the tie with the clip.

              Hoping the 2.75" tie and 1.5" tie clip pair well together!