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What item do you have way too many of?

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    Love that Maratac Mid Pilot. I've heard nothing but good things about it on the watch forums, and I really like crown shape/position and the sub seconds wheel. (I'm a real sucker for sub seconds - they spice up even the simplest dial designs.)

    I like the Cocktail Time too, but I always thought 40mm was a bit large for that particular style. It would probably wear like a dishplate on my small wrists. But it's one of the few watches below $10,000 that demands to be worn with a tux.




      Dress shirts (about 5-6 dozen). I wear these 5-6 days a week but I still have way more than I actually need.

      Shoes (probably about 3 dozen pairs). Although, is there really such a thing as too many shoes?



        @ Chareth, where did you get your Maratac Mid Pilot? I've always loved that watch. Unique. Thanks in advance.



          Yeaaaah, I've got about 40-50 button-downs. I guess when I say it like that (you know, candidly), it sounds like way too much, but much like others in this thread, the average price on them has probably been well under $20, and after going through all of them, I can honestly say I like every one of them enough to wear, usually with multiple things. I'd definitely miss any that I got rid of. But!! Closet space is at a real premium at this point, and I've really forced myself to completely stop buying shirts. My only purchase at this point will be a navy dress shirt. To be fair, a good chunk of them are shirts I'd only really wear in spring/summer, so I think my actual seasonally-active roster is probably around 25-30, if that.

          I have probably about seven sport coats, the same number of pants I wear actively, about five or six coats/jackets, and probably close to twenty sweaters, not counting cardigans and sweater vests. I guess you could make the case for why that's too many v-necks (only three or four are crews), but given that I wear them on pretty much a daily basis in late fall, winter, and early spring, I think the variety is appropriate. One time, not that long ago, a friend told me he had about ten pairs of shoes, and I was floored. Now, I have about that many, and feel like even fifteen doesn't seem that bad. Oh, how we change...



            BenR, buddy, pal. How about sending me a list of the watches that you're selling?

            I actually have a rather compact wardrobe of ~10 shirts, ~10 trousers, 8 pairs of shoes, and a few suits, tuxedos (my career requires them), and sport coats. I will say that I probably own too many ugly ties. There was a time in my life where I would get a tie as a gift around once a month, and half of them are unwearable.



              Gignham shirts. I have one each in black, light blue, green, and red and I still want more...specifically a dark purple.



                Man, gingham's my weakness, too! I also have black/white, blue/white, red/white, black/dark gray (I mostly use this instead of straight black dress shirts), and purple/white. And those are just the small pattern gingham! I've got a couple more in navy/light blue in larger print. I finally made myself stop when I was tempted to complement my blue/white with a darker navy/white.



                  I don't think my craving for gingham shirts will be satisfied until I have every color and shade in mini and medium print.



                    Pitseleh - I think I remember seeing a WIWT post, and you looked good in gingham!



                      @Heathcliff: I bought it at the first link that comes up when you google "Maratac Mid Pilot". Pretty sure CountyComm are the manufacturers and that's the only place you'll find them being sold new. $195 is a bargain for this watch.

                      @BenR: I think my sweet spot is 38-39, but watches seem to be getting bigger every year. In many brands, 40 seems to be as small as it gets these days, with 41-42 being the usual starting point. Isn't the Fireman Racer 40mm as well, or does it wear smaller on you?



                        I have way too many ill-fitting shirts.

                        Sadly, I came up in the era where baggy was the "in" thing.

                        Not to mention I was out of shape.

                        So much money wasted *sigh*



                          I somehow keep ending up with plaid button-ups (dress/western/work/sport etc). I have 14. This is partially because they are common and cheap in thrift stores and also because I just like plaid. I only have one that I know of that cost me more than $15, excluding tailoring costs.

                          By contrast, I only have 1 plain white button-up and 2 blue. It always seems boring to buy them, but I end up wearing them often. Two out of these three are getting pretty worn.



                            Oh, and black dress socks. I could never find them when I needed them when I was younger, so my parents were always buying them for me, thinking I didn't own enough. I have close to an entire drawer full, and I don't own a single pair of black pants to wear them with. I pretty much live in dark wash jeans and a couple pairs of chinos, for which I rotate about 7 pairs of socks (I don't do colorful socks, yet)



                              Addendum: I think I now have about 40 pairs of socks, too. This includes a few pairs of old athletic socks I need to turn into cleaning rags, but also several pairs of Happy Socks I have yet to find an opportunity to wear (I'm looking at you, polka dots). Fortunately they're a lot cheaper than shirts, but my sock drawer is literally stuffed to the edge.



                                this is one of those threads where you realize this board is very different from Style would have to add another zero to all of these numbers.

                                I have a sport coat problem...that's all I'm going to say....