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What item do you have way too many of?

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    What item do you have way too many of?

    I recently realized I have about 40 button up/down shirts, which is kind of absurd. And yet I don't dislike any of them enough to give them away. I think most of them are from LEC and Bonobos, and honestly the entire collection probably averages to under $20/shirt. Am I crazy?


    shirts that don't fit.



      That's a lot!

      I have too many striped shirts. I should've bought more gingham, check, etc. shirts along the way.



        Without a doubt it is shirts. Like trash, I like each one of them enough to keep. However, I have implemented a strict 1 in, 1 out policy that keeps my wardrobe in check.



          I've got way too many cufflinks... probably somewhere from 30-40 pairs... and I only have one french cuff shirt now, I used to have about 5 or 6 in my rotation but I realized the shirts fits like bedsheets and donated them to the salvation army.

          Besides that I wish I had more dress shirts that weren't in the blue family, seems like 3/4 of my shirts are blue, either striped, checked, ginham, all seem to be blue though.

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            Until recently.

            Poor fitting dress shirts that had some form of poly in their material. So I gave anything to my brother, even brand new ones I just bought in vegas(kenneth cole reaction so not that big of a loss, pissed off I bought them though) Now it's 6 all cotton, french cuffs, all different main colours.

            T-Shirts; cut down to

            Basic colour stretch cotton which are express brand:red, white,black,charcol (this is the only time I will recommend buying anything from express other than a fitted shirt to use for measurements and then return) and Hurly plain blue organic cotton

            Fun Tshirts: Angry Birds, Avengers, Transformers, Extreme Couture, and higher end more relaxed ones with various designs.


            Black Socks

            Long sleeve thermals, I think i have 8 total of various levels 3 gap, 3 buffalo, 1 hurly, 1 red



              Definately shirts in the blue family...



                Pants that are too big for me. Didn't lose that much weight, but kind of changed shapes a little (late 20s, a couple yrs into desk job, less gym time... happens to us all?). Also figured out one size smaller pants fit more fashionably too.



                  I'd have to say shoes. I only decided on this because in the average world of people, including style enthusiasts as well as non-style enthusiasts, I probably have too many shoes that the average person does not own. But I do cycle through them frequently, and not because they are worn to the point of trashing; but as I find better shoes that fit the criteria, I then sell the others on eBay.

                  I still don't have a great collection of balmoral boots yet, which is on the list within the next 10 years of broadening my shoes. It helps when you wear a suit 5 days week, and hopefully I will be able to benefit from a work clothing expense within the next few years.



                    Watches. I'm a little embarrassed to say how many I have. (So I won't.)

                    But I recently picked up a Watch Grail, and blew a good chunk of my summer legal fellowship in the process. I'm going to sell off most of the rest of my collection since even the best of them can't hold a candle to my new investment. That will also recoup most of the money I spent.

                    I also have way too many blazers, but most of the excess ones were acquired from thrift stores so I don't feel a lot of guilt or wallet strain from that.




                      Way too many athletic shoes... Air Maxes, retros, tech running shoes like Asics and New Balances. I notice on the weekends I just wear some nice chino shorts and some penny or driving loafers.

                      Also a lot of "what was I thinking dress shirts". Weird striping, poor fits, flash in the pan trendy stuff.



                        Watches; footwear. Between the two: 50+.

                        @BenR: What did you get?



                          Ball Fireman Racer in white and blue. It's definitely on the sporty side for me, but it's versatile enough that I feel no qualms wearing it with anything from a t-shirt to a sportcoat and tie. I might pick up a leather strap to dress it up for wearing with suits (got it on the stock bracelet now).

                          I'm a bit of a tritium junkie, too, and Ball is the only "high-end" manufacturer that uses tubes. It's hard to go back to conventional lume once you've worn a tritium watch for any period of time.

                          The only time it's left my wrist since I bought it is when I swap it for a G-Shock to go running or biking.




                            Shirts that I don't wear. A lot of them are craptastic ON ones from HS or college. I have a lot of blazers too for how frequently I wear them, but most of them are thrifts like BenR said.

                            On the other end, I only have two pair of shorts for this summer--and I live in a very hot place. It's working out perfectly. Making me think about how I could apply the minimalist approach elsewhere.



                              Nice watch! It'll look sweet on a strap, but I'd say that watch looks dressy enough to wear formally as is.

                              I just bought the Maratac Mid Pilot on a whim today, and I'm try to convince myself I don't need a Seiko Cocktail Time (SARB065) or a Sinn 356 Flieger II. I've been putting both of these on hold for a while and I'm hoping I'll eventually just forget about them.