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Socks & Memorial Day

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    Socks & Memorial Day

    I'm looking to upgrade from plain athletic and dress socks to more colorful patterns. Memorial Day weekend seems like as good of a time as any. Where are the best deals that can help me up my sock game on the cheap?


    I have assembled my socks mostly from Gap, BR, JCrew, and JCrew factory. I've decided the target ones aren't worth it. They will all have sales. Check out Lands end and LEC. I personally love BR's loafer socks for this time of year as I just cannot get away with going sockless.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      On this subject, anyone know where I can get vibrant purple dress socks? Not having any luck finding them.



        absolutely love



          on the topic, do you guys wash all your colorful socks together? handwash?

          I'm also in the boring solid navy/brown/black camp because it's easy to match and you can wash all of them together/ air dry without any issue. If I start getting happysocks, I fear I'm going to have to handwash one pair at a time.



            Along the lines of Happy Socks, you have Richer Poorer too:


            One step up in price, and a little dressier, are Vivarati:


            I'm probably destroying my socks, but I just wash them along with colors like any other piece of clothing.



              When I was in Uniqlo a couple of weeks ago, they had a fairly extensive range of socks available in a variety of patterns and colors. All were 3 for $10. These included full length, low profile, and the super low profile, sockless socks that I can wear with my PF Flyers or loafers.

              I think they were all cotton/poly blend, so I'm not sure if that's a deal-breaker. But they are probably on par with the Target socks in quality, possibly better. I just bought some, so I'm not sure how they'll wear yet (for what it's worth, I've had no trouble with Target socks after owning them 3 or 4 months now). I do have a lot of socks, though so each one doesn't get much wear.

              Uniqlo is currently only in NYC but looking to expand.



                The patterns themselves aren't too crazy, but Lands End has some pretty bold colored socks (and in my limited wearing, they seem to be holding up nicely). And they're having a 30% off sale this weekend.




                  If you haven't already seen this post, you should check it out. Today only:




                    I don't know if maybe I just got a bad production run, but I cannot condone purchasing target socks. I bought three pairs of argyle a couple months ago, and after only a couple washes all but one pair look incredibly rough (and that last pair still looks worse than some BR argyles I've worn/washed probably twice as many times).



                      I've inspected the Target Merona argyle socks as well and they appear to have loose threads all over the place. They seriously look like they would unravel after a few uses. I'd consider them $2 one-time use socks, though I'm sure that's an exaggeration but not too far-fetched...

                      However, Bugatachi Uomo socks at Nordstrom (Rack) have great bold colors but they suffer from the same loose threads syndrome and after wearing one for merely 2 hours the threads were coming apart--unacceptable for $20 retail at Nordstrom or $8 at the Rack.

                      So I stay away from socks that have loose threads even before wear.



                        From my experience, you can reasonably expect 30-50 wears from a pair of Target socks. If that's not enough for you, feel free to defer. I did get one pair that had the toe sewn shut but exchanged that in-store.



                          ^ Spoken from experience, take his word, not mine



                            I checked all 3 of the above sites, still on the hunt for a vibrant/neon purple sock if anyone happens upon any. Everything is friggin patterned it seems.




                              I would love it if that was my experience. They were all great looking socks off the shelf.

                              It does seem that the reviews I've seen on these socks are pretty polar. People either have had a pair they've been wearing for years, or a pair that fell apart in weeks. I'm wondering if a year or two ago they were higher quality than they are now.