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New Dress Shoes: Meermin or Jack Erwin?

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    Originally posted by batkins9 View Post
    I have a pair of each and love them both. The Jacks are the Jasper oxfords in burgundy. Nice leather, good comfort, though their GYW is a bit thick in my opinion. If you're looking at one of their blake stitched models, that shouldn't be a problem.

    The Meermin I have are a pair of pebble grain longwing bluchers. They are possibly my favorite shoe right now. I hear a lot about how Meermin are tough to break in, but I had zero discomfort with them. I did have the chance to try a few pair on in their NYC store, so maybe that helped. I found that in their Rui last (the bluchers), I wear 8.5uk and in their Hiro and Rois lasts, a 9uk is more comfortable. I like them so much, I am itching to buy another pair, but I can't quite justify it.

    As for pricing, Meermin will be more expensive after VAT is added. Jack Erwin will be a straight $195. Meermin will end between $210 and $220. The pair I bought in store were $212 after taxes, etc. Still, my vote is Meermin.
    VAT isn't charged to non-EU customers, shipping IS charged and that's what brings the price to $210.


      To the OP, Meermin seconds are sold on ebay at auction and usually go for a pretty good discount over first quality pricing. Sometimes enthusiastic bidders take the price to where you would be better off buying firsts but normally they go for $125 or less.


        Neither. Becket and Simonon, provided you have an average width foot and don't mind waiting a couple months. The leather is at least as good, out of the box comfort is great, and QC is pretty good. You get 20% off or so if it's your first purchase, putting you at $150-160 for a pair.


          FWIW: if you're willing to wiggle your budget a little, if you're willing to look outside JE/Meermin, and if you're willing to play the seconds game, I'd strongly recommend upgrading to Fifth Avenues seconds from Allen Edmonds through I think it's a significant value increase from JE/Meermin for a relatively small price bump.