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    Sorry when I meant look like, I was refering to colour, collar, and long sleeve length(i ordered a tall). I'm pretty well built, I think at least hah. I don't think fit will be a problem from everything I read, I bulked to 210 and cut to 185 which seems to be ideal range for mediums, so really hoping they fit well.

    I REALLY want a sunspel short sleeve polo, and if John Schmedley would sell the hidden placket long sleeve polo I would buy that in a heart beat.

    Side note: Tip Top Tailors in Canada sells Grafton Mercerized Pima Cotton polos with a dress collar, fit is VERY good. I couldn't stop myself from buying one, it's better than the LE Pima Cotton tailored polo.



      I'd love to have a sunspel, as well. But 100$ for a polo is awfully steep, and I don't think they are the kind of company to run coupons.



        Not trying to hate, but what is so special about the JCrew factory suit? For a poly-mix suit at that price I'm not seeing why everyone loves it so much.