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Memorial Day Sales

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    Memorial Day Sales

    Anything on your hit list? I'm on a bit of a splurge mission.

    1. Yet another pair of AEs

    2. Few new ties

    3. New pair of dark wash jeans

    4. Belt from Bonobos

    5. Elepants from Bonobos

    6. New polo shirts

    7. Light colored jacket for summer


    Few ties, Belt, Socks & a briefcase of some sort.



      1. Summer work-ready shirts

      2. Sport shirts

      3. Shoes, if I find a good deal

      4. Maybe a pair of shorts



        I think I'm going to perform CPR on my credit card and keep looking for a job!



          Is Bonobos running a code?



            Unless I find an incredible deal on dress shirts, sneakers, a chino blazer or a chambray shirt, my credit card is resting for a month.

            Yeah, not gonna happen, I'm sure I'll find a reason to spend all my money.



              @Jordan - I'm waiting for one. They seem to have gotten real stingy with their codes lately. I figure almost all retailers will be offering SOMETHING off...



                I'd like to pick up a decent cotton suit if I can find a good deal on one.

                Dress for style, live for results.



                  I'm going to grab a suit. The J.Crew Thompson suit is on sale (under $200 atm). About to run to a J.Crew (not factory) store and try on one of their suits, at least to get an idea what size I should order. Also hoping for a few ties, but I've already got close to a dozen and that'll do for now. Just got a job requiring me to suit up daily so I figure I should have at least two.



                    on-topic reply:

                    Picked up a linen shirt from BR

                    a linen shirt and OCBD from LEC during their shirt sale

                    those maroon swim shorts from LEC during their swim sale

                    a set of 4 glenplaid patterned Double Old Fashioned glasses



                      Glen Plaid glasses ? Link ?



                        I'm cutting myself off for the next month or two.



                          @Jessy - here they are. They went back up to 60$ but were 35$ plus free shipping when I got them last week.




                            Jcrew had 30% sale items not sure if that's still on, picked up long sleeve and short sleeve tailored Navy polos, hope they look like the Casino Royale ones.

                            Lands End is 30% site wide...and they had a problem with the flannel pants I think, they had the reg price listed as $80 and "now on for 130" so I added them to cart...$80 and then %30 off. So I ordered 2



                              Shadow, if you look like Daniel Craig they will look like casino royal ones. It mostly had to do with his build.

                              That being said, im a lot smaller than him but athletically built and i wear JCREW pique repp polos in slim fit and have been very pleased with their drape.