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    Elbow Patches

    So I have decided to "tweek" my wardrobe with small touches here and there. Last year, I made 3 handerkerchiefs (lilac, burnt orange and light green). This year, I have decided to apply elbow patches to some of my blazers. It is my hope that this will make wear the blazers moreso. I have a few questions for ya'll:

    1. Which material is best suited for the elbow patches?

    2. I have no sewing experience, should I make the attempt or leave it to the professionals?

    3. I have a heather grey blazer, navy blazer and tan corduroy blazer. Which color best contrast (and fit) those hues?

    Thanks in advance for any help!



    I think brown suede is the traditional color of choice for elbow patches.



      Brown is traditional, but burgundy is the new hot. I modded a charcoal grey blazer from Banana Republic I got for $80 with some $12 lambskin suede burgundy elbow patches, and get a ton of compliments. Yes, it's very 'fashion forward' and won't be as classic as brown, but you can always take the patches off later.

      Check it:



        @ Ryan, I like the combo. People forget that you can take the patches off. U do them yourself or a tailor? @ gq1, today I looked for brown but only saw black ones. For some time, I have been wanting to get a black blazer and put some black patches on it.



          I got my tailor to sew them on (less than $5), and bought them them here:

          Lots of other great looks you can experiment with, e.g. white patches (would love great on a navy blazer with white buttons), and so on.

          Very easy to take off and put back on, so don't be afraid to try something new!



            @Ryan, thanks! I have found many patches but the problem is finding a place to apply them for around $5 in DC.