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So I got this gift card from Florsheim...

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    So I got this gift card from Florsheim...

    I had some trouble with the Florsheim Quince I ordered recently (first pair had some scratches on one side, second pair they sent me were the wrong size). To excuse themselves for the trouble, they sent me a $40 gift card. Not a lot (doesn't even pay the shipping to Canada, which at least is duty-free, unlike AE), but still, free money.

    So now, trusty Dappered friends, I need your help, since I don't know how to spend my gift card. My next purchases were supposed to be Beeswax Clarks desert boots and some grey/white/beige canvas sneakers, but that'll have to wait. I do not have to wear a suit on a daily basis. I usually wear dark jeans, chinos, button down shirts, polos and sweaters.

    So here's my actual collection, to give you an idea of what I already own. Not pictured : brown suede chukka boot, tan boat shoes, brown sneakers.

    (From left to right : AE Players in Walnut, AE Weybridge in Black, Sebago Hamilton in Dark Brown, Florsheim Quince in Grey Suede).

    Not as impressive as Tat's collection, but at least it is growing slowly.

    So, what's missing? I was thinking burgundy penny loafers or brown wingtips, maybe with a rubber sole to use as a beater when I'm going out.


    All you options are good ones. I would learn toward Brown Wing tip with the rubber sole. I just didn't like the look over the $150 wingtip that you linked to.



      Given your current selection and general dress I'd go with either a dark brown captoe a la (they also have some with broguing if that's your thing.)

      Or a brown plain brown shoe like..

      If neither of those ring your bell then I'd agree with the brown wingtip.

      Dress for style, live for results.



        Brown longwing would be good. Nice and casual. A loafer is always nice to have.

        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



          I own these and they are the most comfortable shoe in my collection:

          They look way better in person. It's essentially a Veblen with a rubber sole. The Veblen is also a nice choice.



            Airport friendly construction? Does that mean it's easy to smuggle items in it? ;-)



              @nicholascrawford Ah, that's why there's some kind of bump in the insole!

              @tomservo Posted the same link twice, but I like the brogueing on the sides of the Millport. Anyway, not available in my size, except in black.

              I'm a 7D (well, actually a 6.5D, but models are quite limited in this size) by the way.

              @greg_s & @Juan Don't know why, but there's something I don't like with longwings. I saw the Kenmoor in a store and it looked...blocky ?



                I don't buy "airport friendly construction" unless they mean it slips on and off easily. Because the security checkpoints make you remove your shoes, regardless.