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    Orient watches

    Hey everyone. I posted a few weeks ago about a negative experience I had purchasing an Orient watch from To summarize, shipped me a watch that had a coating of dirt on it. The watch case was also dented and dirty.

    I sent an email to Joe at Orient Watch USA to describe what had happened, and he followed up with I then ordered the watch directly through Orient Watch USA.

    Joe at Orient Watch USA sent me a personal email shortly after I placed the order. He said that he was glad to have the opportunity to make me a happy customer, and that he'd personally check the watch and ship it out of his office tomorrow.

    The watch that I ordered was the Orient Cosmos with a white face and blue hands. I'm planning on replacing the steel bracelet with a dark leather alligator watch band.

    I'm posting this because it's rare that I receive such good customer service from an American company. They deserve a little press for going out of their way to satisfy a customer.


    Good to hear since I plan to get a Blue-faced Ray when they are back in stock.



      Jordan, I recommend purchasing from Orient Watch USA rather than The customer service is better. Keep in mind that Amazon and Orient Watch USA are the only authorized resellers in the US. That's important if you ever need to use your warranty.



        I'll be getting it through OWU. Nobody has it in stock at the moment, but word has it they should be back in a week or so.



          I got my Blue Mako with steel band from Amazon and just like all the other purchases I make there, it arrived without a hitch. And it cost almost $60 less than buying direct from Orient. I don't doubt that Orient has great customer service, but I don't think you need to steer people away from Amazon because of one dirty watch.



            I got my Mako through Amazon without a hitch, but you want to make sure it is Amazon and not some other vendor so you get the warranty.

            FWIW, Orient Watch USA almost always has a coupon of some sort, although I'm riled they quit doing the 50% off one in conjunction with Dappered.



              I've actually heard the opposite from a few folks on watch forums - good experiences with Amazon, bad experiences with OWUSA. FWIW I have bought watches from both and never had a bad experience from either.

              When you shop Amazon, definitely make sure to get it direct from them or fulfilled by them. That way you are at least guaranteed a pretty solid return policy if the watch doesn't meet your expectations.




                Man, I'd never heard of this company before reading your post. I... really had to stop myself from ordering the Monterey. As soon as I saw it, I realized it was exactly what I'd been looking for - you never see parchment dials! It's very nostalgic looking without being overtly, regressively so. It's rare to see an actual successful mingling of old and new. Sadly, $300 is somewhat out of my price range, and even with the sale on, it's still too much to let myself buy on an impulse!



                  Jordan, the blue Ray is back in stock at Orient Watch USA.



                    I received the Orient Cosmos today and swapped out the bracelet for a nice black alligator leather band. The bracelet was of a surprisingly good quality. The watch itself is gorgeous.

                    Joe at Orient Watch USA also sent along a free quartz watch. It's model number FUNA0008W0 from Orient Japan's "classic Quartz" series.



                      WatchUSeek has had a lot of good things to say about Orient. I've had my eye on a couple....but that Cosmo may win out.



                        I only wish Orient went back to dolphin hands..would look great on the cosmos



                          Absolutely gorgeous Cosmos!! So brushetta, question, I am not that familiar with purchasing online. Went to Amazon and it said Long Island Watch shipped and sold the watch. When you purchased, it said Amazon or LIW? There is a marked difference in price ($70) but I also want to be protected.

                          Also, what size is that band? You did it right by changing the band for sure.

                          Thinking of purchasing for my wedding in October.



                            @ bruschetta, nevermind.....visited the Orient site and after the 30% discount and the free watch, it would be a wash. Will purchase from the website if anything. Thanks though.



                              Heafcliffe, Long Island Watch is a reputable company with a good reputation on I purchased directly from Long Island Watch is listed as an authorized reseller of Orient Watches, so you would be protected under the warranty.

                              The watch band is 22mm wide. I'm actually not thrilled with the band -- it is made by Hadley Roma and it was somewhat pricey. I think that the cheap band that came with the free Orient quartz watch actually looks nicer than the one I put on the Cosmos.