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    J Crew Chinos Question

    for those of you with j crew chinos - I recently went

    to try on a few pairs and really like the urban slims.

    Out of their chino options would you consider them

    to be more casual as opposed to dressier?

    - i'm looking to for a pair of casual chino as well

    as chinos that could fit a business casual setting.

    - would the urban slims work to be dressed up or down?

    - any other recommendations?


    Generally speaking, chinos with front pockets like jeans are more casual. Chinos with slanted pockets like dress pants and with creases down the front like dress pants would be dressier.



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        got it thanks for clarifying that for me.



          i just picked up 2 pairs of urban slims size 32/30.

          - does anyone know how much these chinos shrink as far as length goes?

          - i'm not sure if I should have picked up 32/32 instead. what do you think?



            They seem to fit okay, maybe a little tight in the calves? The break looks good. They might shrink a little bit in the wash, and that might pull them higher than you want. I don't have any experience with J. Crew chinos, so I can't help you there.



              thanks rogin for the reply. do you think that a straight leg

              would work better?



                If you have the opportunity it might not be a bad thing to try. Is your current pair comfortable? Can you move unhindered? If it's confining, but fits the waist, then consider trying the straight.



                  Those chinos have an odd fit on you. They seem to be baggy up top and then thin on the bottom. Gives you that "I'm wearing a diaper" type appearance.



                    Yea waist feels fine rogin but a little restricting down by calves.

                    I'm thinking the taper is too much for my short stocky legs and will try the straight leg.

                    I agree zero. I really think there is too much taper. As for the diaper look. I may have pulled them too high for the pic.



                      I would try a different size or fit. They look fine through the legs, but the seat is too tight. You may be better served by low rise pants.



                        I did try the 33/30 @nich they feel a lot better through the whole leg n thigh but the waist was too big. If I did go with the 33 do you know if a tailor can bring in the waist on them? Would that be a better way to go?



                          Waist wise, whatever you can fix with a belt, a tailor can fix permanently. I would encourage trying another fit before resorting to tailoring for chinos. You could easily spend another $30-50 tailoring each pair while finding a brand and style that works for you would make ordering easy.

                          I agree - they look like they're pulled up too high. That's where my low-rise suggestion was coming from.



                            @nicholas - thanks for the insight.

                            - i went to jcrew today and picked up a pair of classic fit.

                            how are these compared to the urban slims?

                            urban slim:

                            classic fit:



                              Looks worlds better in the seat area for you. I think the slim fit complements your legs better, but it's minor. If you do keep the pants, I would never wear them like you are with the shirt tucked in. You really need a sweater or cardigan or sportcoat covering the top of the pants because it makes your legs look disproportionately long and your torso look short. Doing that, you'll be in fine shape with the classic fit.

                              I would keep looking for a lower rise pant that doesn't go up to your belly button. Do you see what I mean?