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    Hey all,

    So a buddy of mine is getting married at the end of the summer and while we happened to share the same lack of style when we first met, I have since become a little more fashion conscious. He is looking at suits for himself and the groomsmen (me) and while I tried to nudge him towards Macy's he settled on Men's Wearhouse.

    So my question is how much can a tailor work with something like this:

    I know it's not an ideal situation, but can this be a sharp looking suit with the right tailoring?


    How do you want it to look compared to the picture?



      Slimmer. The armholes don't look great to me either. Although I know there's nothing a tailor can do with that.

      I haven't purchased a suit since I've begun upgrading my wadrobe, I probably would have gone The Alfani Red or Tommy Hilfiger route if I was making my own selection.

      I'd rather be slightly unsatisfied than raise hell over his suit selection as it's his wedding after all.



        You hit it on the spot -- it's his wedding. Sounds like you offered some input earlier, but he didn't take it. You shouldn't bring any of it up again.

        That being said, a tailor will be able to bring in the coat, and probably slim down the sleeves and pant legs if you so desire. Probably won't be perfect (few non-MTM/bespoke suits are), but it'll get you a lot closer and it'll likely look much better than the other groomsmen who don't get theirs tailored.

        However, hopefully you won't upstage the groom. Is he going to wear the same suit? Or a different suit? Maybe you offer / reco that he should come with you to get your suits tailored together (you get his tailoring costs as a gift?) and that way you'll both look good on his big day.



          @hornsup84 Love the idea of offering to pay/bring him with me to the tailor. Thanks.



            I received an email from Men's Warehouse that said they now have "Modern Fit" suits. May be easier to tailor to your liking.