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Marlondo Leather Briefcase & Ordering Review

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    Marlondo Leather Briefcase & Ordering Review

    I decided to start a new thread for this, because as far as I could tell from a quick search, Marlondo Leather has only been mentioned in passing and I'm sure some of you are curious about their stuff (or have just flat out not heard of them). I'll go over the ordering process for them, customer service, and of course, the quality of the briefcase I received. Let me know if you have further inquiries!

    I'm graduating pharmacy school soon (in 2 weeks!) and I matched with my top choice of residency program for post-grad training. It's a pretty big deal for me, so I thought I'd treat myself to something I've always wanted - a leather briefcase/bag. Next decision was who to buy from. Saddleback seems to be the ubiquitous choice for most Threads and other users, but I didn't want Saddleback for two reasons. First, I flat out couldn't justify spending that much on a briefcase. I know, I know. "My grandchildren will fight over it." "It's guaranteed for 100 years." All great things, but the budget is what the budget is, and mine topped out at $350. Second, and a potentially unpopular opinion, I'm not a fan of Saddleback's style/sizing. To me they seem overly bulky if they are big enough to be practical, or thin beyond the point of being any use at all beyond carrying a thin laptop. Regardless, I don't want to get into any disputes over Saddleback. They're a great company and I tip my hat to them. After more searching, I landed on Marlondo and took a shine to them, but felt dubious due to (1) the lack of info on them (2) the abundance of 5 star reviews on their site, which always makes me skeptical.
    - tl;dr: Marlondo was in my price point and offered several great styles and sizes.

    Ordering Process and Customer Service:
    I settled on their Businessman's Briefcase in 'tobacco' ($295) ( and decided to do a custom order with them. The things I wanted were: (1) nickel hardware instead of brass (2) side pockets for holding a water bottle or coffee Thermos (3) added rings so that the briefcase can be converted into a backpack for when I bike commute. If you reach out to Marlondo, you'll probably be in touch with Tim, who was fantastic at communicating and made the process really easy. Customization was a $35 charge, so my total came to $330 (free shipping). I paid $165 as a deposit and $165 once completed before it shipped.
    Now for the downside. Production time was set for 7-8 weeks. This is pretty typical according to their website as they make items in response to orders. I placed my deposit on 3/29/18 and received my order on 5/11/18.
    - tl;dr: Really great customer service. Long processing time for orders.

    Really happy with this bag! It was definitely worth the wait. Packaging was well protected and wrapped. The leather is thick and smooth. All the rivets and stitching appear to be solid and well placed. It's light yet still substantial feeling, definitely not going to be a pain to carry. Holds it's shape well. All the custom work is flawlessly integrated into the original design. This thing feels sturdy as hell, I'm looking forward to using it! The coloring seems to be pretty well on.
    For reference, my laptop is a 2010 MacBook Pro 13", so thicker than the ones you can buy today.

    Pictures: Full album:

    Definitely worth considering if you're in the market. Marlondo has a great selection of style and sizes and custom work is not that expensive. I'd recommend them upon first impression, and will update this as it wears. Be prepared to wait a bit for your item. Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!

    1. Congrats on graduating AND getting the residency you wanted!

    2. Thank you for this fantastic in-depth review. Wasn't familiar with that outfit before to be honest, and although I don't really have much use for a leather briefcase, that weekender is sexy as hell.



      That's a beautiful bag as well!


        The bag looks great. Congrats on your success. Like others I have never heard of this supplier. Their Dopp kit is really nice.


          Congrats on getting your residency of choice, excellent review, and wonderful looking briefcase. I hope that cooler is filled with cold beers. I could use one haha


            Thanks for the congratulations!

            A lot of their other wares have caught my eye as well. I'd definitely order from them again.