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How to spruce up socks without looking silly

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    I don't wear solid black or solid white socks, but I don't go into wild colours either. My work/dress socks are all over the calf in basic conservative colours - navy, mid blue. a few shades of grey, brown, forest green, olive green and burgundy. I do like ones with thin vertical stripes, though - such as some of the ones Viccel offers:

    In the spring/summer I will break out more colourful socks to wear casually, such as light blue, green, orange and pink.


      Originally posted by TMann View Post
      I have a few light beige socks, but that's about as bright as I get. I'm not really a fan of the "express-yourself-through-your-socks" trend. Seemed a bit silly, to be honest. I can't imagine anyone, either another man or a woman, looking at a guy and thinking "Wow. That guys looks great with those bright striped socks he has on."
      I've got tons of compliments through wearing Happy Socks. Maybe the bar is low with those around me at the office or I don't have anything else worth complimenting haha

      A coworker bought me some as an xmas gift (blue, purple, gray polka dots with a navy background). It was subtle but different. Since then people tend to get me happy socks for christmas, so I have a pretty big collection. They sell them at Marshall's, TJ Maxx, etc. so to me it's a cheap fun thing. Usually I keep a solid base color (navy, gray, etc.) and then it has a little fun stripping or dots. Usually my socks aren't visible unless sitting, so I am not worried about drawing tons of attention to them. I usually match or pull in my tie color into the bolder color on the socks.

      I don't do crazy cartoon or gimmicky ones. I feel Happy Feet run that middle ground with pushing the boundaries with striping etc. but most have a solid base color. As mentioned, I feel the style arch is pretty relevant and I find myself wanting to get a couple solid pairs to have on hand just in case.


        Not a tongue in cheek answer: if you don't want to look silly, stay away from things that you imagine would register as silly to someone you were dating or meeting for business. (As opposed to "I'm not sure I'm cool/dashing/stylish enough to pull this off.")

        That said: I think we all worry too much about being silly. It seems to me the world could use a little more silly.


          I played the crazy sock game when I was younger and now I tend towards classic. Small patterns and solids in colors like bottle green and burgundy are unique without being crazy. Thin vertical stripes are always good too. I've picked up some at DapperClassics and also from TheShoeSnob.


            I think it works best if the socks coordinate with the outfit, e.g. a purple pocket square and green socks. Second best is if the socks are the highlight. What doesn't work imo is when the socks are super bright with a bright shirt. I don't wear a pink shirt with bright socks, for example.

            One nice thing about colorful socks is you can use them to demarcate brown, navy, and grey in a sock organizer. I have all my navy and grey split by a row of colorful socks, for example. If they are right next to each other, I tend to grab navy when I wanted grey and vice-versa. If you have a sock organizer, I'd recommend getting some colorful socks even if you rarely wear them.