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    Casual Chinos

    Hello all,

    I'm a second year college student who wants to upgrade his wardrobe after spending a year walking around in either athletic shorts or sweatpants.

    What should I look for in a pair of casual chinos? I bought a nice pair of jeans and wanted something else to rotate with it.The chinos that I own seem too dressy and awkward when I wear them with a t-shirt or untucked polo and sneakers. I'll mainly be wearing them to class or when hanging out with friends.

    If it matters, I lift heavy and have pretty big legs, so it's usually hard to find slim fitting pants that are comfortable.


    hey Jake... I'm also a bottom heavy dude, i'm 6 foot 200 lbs, and i have thunderthighs....i've found that the Merona Washed Chinos from target (25 bucks) fit perfectly, aren't too snug and come in 5 colors, pretty casual to boot...i have 3 pairs, and they are my go to they got a navy, light blue, khaki, i think stone and red



      If you go with Land's End, regular or Canvas, and avoid the slim fits, you can find good deals and good quality.



        You probably want a straight or slim straight fit.

        Like Rodney said, I would highly recommend LE or LEC. I have a pair of LEC chinos. A lot of people complain about the pocket flare, but they're still a pretty good pair of pants. Also consider Dockers. I just got a pair of Alpha Khakis. They might be too slim for you, but they're pretty nice. I did order another pair of soft D1 khaki's, but at least the pair I got are a terrible fit (Super tight seat, very loose legs)



          +1 on the Meronas and Land's End



            Thank you all for the help! I'll keep an eye out for good deals on the suggestions



              I like the Docker's, too, but have only bought the D1 and they are thigh huggers. A straight fit might be good for the right price. Love the Ghurka color Dappered turned me on to.



                I consider myself a big legged dude. 24" thighs, 16" calves, 5'8". Not sure if you know your measurements , I've only posted mine to try and help with sizing.

                The khaki washed slim fits from Gap are my go to casuals. I usually wear them rolled a few times with a small cuff. No extreme high water look though...

                The Merona ones fit decent as well, though a little tighter on me around the seat area for some reason. Also the cuff is thicker and can only be rolled in about a 1" segments, which isn't a good look on me.

                I buy a 31" waist in the Gap khaki. They do hug a bit at first, be forewarned. But its cotton and they stretch out after an hour or 2. I've made the mistake of sizing up then having too much room in the seat.

                Sorry for the measurements guys, not bragging, just tying to help. If I could trade for smaller legs I would. It seems to make buying pants all the more difficult.



                  I'll put in a plug for the Gavin fit Chinos at BR. I'm a similar fit as you Jake at 6 foot a little under 200 and those are the best Chinos I've found. Little more expensive than what's been suggested and hardly ever go on sale, but a smart expense IMO.



                    I'll be the one who says it: I like Bonobos pants.



                      Interesting, @Steve, I have almost the exact same measurements (.5" smaller on the calf) and have always thought of myself as having somewhat small legs. Maybe that is due to being 6' tall.

                      Either way, don't overlook H&M for cheap casual chinos. You'll probably have to size up in the waist (I did) but they fit great, are $25 and I have had 2 pairs for over 3 years now that are going strong.

                      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                        haha, i looked for this thread just so i could post my measurements which i just took. I have a 33 waist, and wait for it....18 inch calves and 27 inch thighs...42 chest. now thats hard to find sizes for. oh and im 6'0



                          @cjl -- Seconded, I only worry for someone who self-professes that they may not fit that well through the thigh. When I buy the correct waist, it fits great on me, but I wouldn't go so far as to say I have big legs.

                          EDIT: They're also not very cheap, so as a sophomore in college, he may need to focus on more cost-effective 'plain' chinos that he can wear more often. (I tend to space out my wearing Bonobos due to their being distinct with the pocket colors)