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BR vs JCrew - material and pant leg opening

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    BR vs JCrew - material and pant leg opening

    Right now my go to chinos are BR Aidens (size up in the waist and tailor them). I recently tried on 1040(?) and whatever the relaxed fit is at JCrew. (770s are too leggingish on my thighs). The big differences from what I can tell are the fabric and the leg opening size.

    The BR material seems smoother on the surface and has a bit of a wider leg opening. The JCrew material is a little textured with tighter leg openings. The relaxed for JCrew has a similar leg opening to BR aiden.

    Just wanted to get your opinions on leg opening. Overall the 1040s fit me great but I think the texture and leg opening lean them a little to casual. What do you think about leg opening size and anyone have any other opinions for cuts similar to the 1040?

    Anyone with an opinion on leg opening size for the conservative business casual workplace? J crew too small?