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    Where to dress up?

    So some of the post lately have made me realize that in our Western society, there are no longer many places for a man to dress to the nines. I understand that this is in some ways a beneficial change, but occasionally I would like to be able to just wear a suit and not feel out of place. So what kind of places do you guys go to on your nights/days off that still have a sartorial standard?

    Here are some of my thoughts, but most of them are too expensive/impractical:

    1) Opera/Concert Hall. From my experience, there's a range of clothing, but a suit is still very acceptable.

    2) Some 5-star restaurants

    3) Church on Easter Sunday

    4) Red carpet events

    5) Weddings and funerals

    6) ???

    But none of these are that practical, so what would you guys add to the list?


    graduation ceremonies



      Museum / gallery exhibits

      High end lounge / cocktail places ( speakeasy style )



        Just wear'm out at night. You don't have to go to any of these things for people to think you're coming or going from them or just a plain snappy dresser. We're not talking tuxedos or dinner suits here, but I think as long as you're not in too rural of an area (which I don't think you are if you're discussing opera/concert halls) you should be fine with a suit or blazer.

        I don't wear a suit to work but enjoy dressing up. I will usually change into a different outfit or put on a blazer after work. "What am I, a farmer?" well no, but I work at a place which isn't completely air conditioned and its very likely I will ruin anything nice with grease or oils. During the week, in the evening I will most often wear an outfit with a blazer, usually (especially this time of year) something more casual with patch pockets - cotton, linen, or a mix of the two. On Sundays, I make a 'dress up day' of it and wear a suit to church and continue wearing it throughout the day. My night time activities during the week might be just as exciting as going to Starbucks to read by myself while I have a tea, but I feel good and have had my fair share of complimentary, giggling teen girls.

        Not to wax on, to add to your list:

        - Art Openings/Events at the art museum

        - Live Jazz/Jazz Clubs

        - If your town has an old theatre that plays artsy films

        - Find a Young Professionals group that hosts mixers/talks

        - The horse track (depends on your horse track)

        - Charity events/silent auctions

        - Look for local fashion shows, although they're often tied into before mentioned art shows

        - Plays and poetry/spoken word readings



          I'm trying to break that barrier of wearing a suit to church. In a crowd of shorts and flip flops, a suit really really stands out lol. I just tried to touch the waters by wearing a shirt and tie and I already got questions asked about dressing so nicely.



            Try to get over the concept of needing a reason to dress up. It's not dressing up if it is just part of your style. A leisurely afternoon in the park with a book or a trip to the farmers market for some fresh produce is plenty enough reason for a summer suit with sockless loafers. Haters gonna hate man. Just do your thing and don't worry about the rest of 'em.



              Try a change of scenery. If you go to a new church, you can be whoever you want to be. Then folks just know you as the guy who always wears a suit. =)



                My church is super casual and I'm often the only person wearing a suit. Sometimes you see some blazers but not many. Its a younger crowd and pretty liberal so most of the people there are considered dressy if they wore a button up shirt instead of a band tee or something of the like. The ladies dress a little better but there are still a fair share of them who wear jeans. I've never felt out of place in a suit though and don't get anything but compliments. People will usually ask me how I can be wearing a jacket when its so hot outside but they never ask why I'm actually dressed up. I have started to skip the tie, however, on account of the heat. Church seems like one of the last places someone should be questioning being dressed up - but if I were really conscious about it, I would just have plans for brunch or something afterwards that I could reference.

                Its funny how different one church can be from the next, as well as generations. About a year or so ago a friend of my father's whose in his 80s came into my office and was complaining about the 'way kids these days dress'. Up until two weeks ago he had a shoe store for almost 40 years the sold Allen Edmonds and other distinguished brands and he wore a shirt and tie with slacks every single day. Anyways, back to church though - he brings up so-and-so and there is immense build up this apparent horrible atrocity of church attire he has performed, "You would not believe what blah blah's son was wearing. TO CHURCH. He had the AUDACITY to wear this to church!" So you're thinking hes going to say something like a gimp mask and bondage gear, right? And finally he goes, "A POLO SHIRT! He had the gall to wear a polo shirt to church! What is this, a golf tournament?! THE NERVE OF HIM". Hahhaha. I listened to another good 30+ minute rant about how no one should ever wear jeans to work, following that.



                  Strip club.



                    Haha, I would definitely start dressing better to church, but I don't really go to church at the moment.

                    And Jeremy, you make a good point. I'll keep it in mind.



                      I like the airplane idea:



                        This is one of the many aspects of going to an extremely traditional church that I like. I wear a tie almost every Sunday and sometimes a blazer. Most men wear suits on the greater feasts like Christmas. I wore cufflinks and a pocket square on Easter and no one thought anything of it because I was not the only one.

                        As an aside, I got to go to a senior ball last weekend that had around 7000 people in attendance. Well over half the men were wearing tuxedos and the rest were in dark suits. It was pretty cool, though some of them needed to go back to the basics of black tie. I saw one hipster guy wearing a plaid vest under his dinner jacket.



                          Move to the neighborhood my office is in - Fifth Ave in the 50s in New York City. Many very well-dressed people all around is motivating me to raise my game a bit.