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Anyone seen BR's Digby shoe in person?

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    Anyone seen BR's Digby shoe in person?

    Got an email with the Digby shoes at the bottom: 2

    Don't look too bad and are reasonably priced (even moreso if there's a sale). I was trying to pick up a new pair of shoes for traveling that I can wear multiple days in row. I'm not a fan of bringing multiple pairs as I pack light and I'm also not a fan of wearing my AE's or Aldens 5 days in a row.

    I dig the brown, but think the color might be too much like AE's walnut. Wouldn't mind the taupe suede, but wonder how much real life use I'd get out of them since I wear a suit everyday and these would hardly be appropriate.



    Banana shoes are not the best quality. I'd save for the AE's.

    Personally, I prefer to wear loafers when traveling for ease of access through security checkpoints.



      Think you misread my post. I have multiple pairs of AE's and Aldens. I prefer to let them sit for a day or more in between wearings. Looking for a cheaper shoe I can wear on extended business trips so I don't have to bring multiple pairs of shoes.

      Thought the post was pretty clear about that. Apparently not.

      I'm open to other suggestions. Thank you.



        140...wait for a 50% off event....still 75 plus tax. I think J&M makes a much better quality shoe for around the same price



          You're right, I just scanned your post. Check your attitude at the door peewee.



            Umm frost, you seem to be the one bringing the attitude.

            As for shoes, I'd look into Johnston & Murphy like acoustic said. Or maybe Florsheim.

            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



              I saw them this weekend. Definitely corrected grain leather, so I wouldn't pay full price for them, but if you need a beater shoe they will work in a pinch.



                Thanks guys. Which florsheim or J&M shoes would you recommend? I have a pair of Veblens from Florsheim and really like them.