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Which blazer has the best fit? 3 choices

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    Which blazer has the best fit? 3 choices

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to decide on a staple navy blazer for work. Here are 3 of the slimmer fit ones I could find to try on in person, right off the rack. Sorry that the pics aren't the greatest - the indoor lighting at these stores is tough. Ignore the sleeves, those would obviously be taken up.

    My notes:

    1. BB Fitzgerald

    Pros: Best fit in the shoulders and chest, but quite slim overall. Very clean back.

    Cons: Length is a little longer than I'd like. Single vent only. Also, is probably the straightest/slimmest cut. That said, my body is mostly shaped like that ( ~ 37" chest and 32" waist ).

    Price: Around $420 on sale

    2. BB Regent

    Pros: More aggressive shape. Very clean back.

    Cons: Length similar to Fitzgerald, on the longer side but acceptable. Chest and shoulders seem a bit bigger and wider. Single vent rear I think

    Price: Around $420 on sale

    3. Charles Tyrwhitt Tailored Fit Blazer

    Pros: Looks similar to BB Regent in aggressivenes. Cheapest of the bunch. Dual vent !!!. Also, I liked the length on this one the best. It was a touch shorter than the BB's.

    Cons: Chest and shoulders felt too wide for me. The picture here doesn't look bad, but felt large on me overall. Fabric and buttons seemed a bit cheaper.

    Price: Around $330, maybe cheaper on sale

    One issue all 3 of these seemed to have was that when I lifted up my arms I'd get a slight divot under the shoulder. This happens on pretty much any structured blazer I've ever tried on though - I think it's mostly due to my very narrow shoulders. Dropping down to a 36 doesn't work because the chest gets too tight.


    I think they are in order of best to worst from left to right. The CT doesn't fit. I'm not crazy about the Regent on your frame and the shoulders look large. The Fitz seems to fit you quite well and I don't think it is too long at all. That picture makes it look about perfect for a classic navy blazer.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      I agree on #1. Common misconception that you alluded to is that tailoring is only for taking things in. Truly, you should find something that fits in the shoulders first then see if it can be let out in the chest or waist if it's too tight. Seeing 38R, 38R, 38R across the top indicates that in your head, you're thinking "I'm a 38R..." when really, you could range up and down.

      The Fitzgerald looks great on you. If that's in your budget, more power to you.

      Greg - Leveled up to a Moderator? Nice!



        zerostyle, I agree that the Fitzgerald looks best on you. The Regent is slightly too wide in the shoulders. Everything else is fixable.

        The Charles Tyrwhitt blazer's lapels are thin to the point where it looks silly.



          Thanks for the input all. My vote was also for the Fitzgerald, so I'm feeling good about my decision now.

          Now the difficult question: Leave the pewter buttons, or have them replaced with brown horn?

          I'll probably wear this blazer most commonly with mid-gray pants (as in this picture), but would also be wearing it with tan and brown pants.

          I don't mind the pewter too much - just hate brass buttons.



            i agree with everyone else the fitz looks great

            on you

            wouldn't brown buttons turn it more into a sport

            coat? what about white MOP buttons?



              ZS, did you try the CT in 36?

              Just wondering because, in my experience, a stated 38 Fitz would be in the 36-36.5 range from another brand, and a 38 Regent would fit like a 37.

              Is that Fitz blazer the one in the hopsack fabric?



                1. CT

                2. Fitz

                347. Regent



                  the BB looks good. Don't care for the regent. The CT looks like it would be great too if the waist was let out just a hair to relieve the button.



                    @NC, yeah I leveled up. Dappered Threads the RPG haha

                    The CT looks too big in the shoulders but fitted/tight through the midsection which leads me to think it plain does not fit. Sizing down likely would not be an option if it is already that tight through the middle.

                    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                      Went with the Fitzgerald, thanks for the input all. Just waiting for it to get back from the tailor for the sleeves.

                      Still debating if I want to swap the pewter buttons out for brown horn...



                        Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the BB semi-annual sale is coming up the day after Fathers Day. You could've saved quite a bit more on a blazer if you had waited just a couple more weeks.

                        Either way, nice pick-up!



                          ^ I paid only $420 for the Fitz using the corp discount card / 30% off. Looks like the cheapest I could have bought it was for $400 at a Nordstrom sale, so not a terrible difference.