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dark navy suit w/ walnut strands?

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    dark navy suit w/ walnut strands?

    I've searched and found that navy suits work with the walnut strands however I couldn't find any clarification on whether a darker shade of navy would also work.

    - Do you think it would work?

    - also what color belt would work best with this setup if it works?

    Here is the suit I was thinking about wearing with the walnut strands:


    It seems like a pretty stark contrast, so definitely less formal. for a night out or a casual situation you can really do whatever you want in that department...only thing i'd say is on the formality of it.



      I've seen that suit in person. Just my personal opinion that even though the plaid pattern isn't as pronounced as, say a grey plaid suit, that particular suit with the decorative semi-brogueing of a walnut Strand is a little too busy for me: plaids up top and holes on the bottom.

      I think a darker shoe would work, even a Strand, or a more plain walnut colored shoe if you want the contrast of a light colored shoe matched with a dark suit.



        @jake thanks for your comment. I agree for a casual

        situation it would work, but for something less

        conservative I probably should go with a different shoe.

        @runners - probably a burnished brown would look better?

        -with the plaid & the brogueing on the strand that was

        definitely something i was worried about.

        -i think once my strands come in i will give it a try w/

        the suit and see if how comfortable i am with that light

        dark contrast



          With a navy that dark (if it looks similar in hue in person) would typically be paired with black shoes. I'm not a black shoe fan, really. Walnut strands could work. Maybe. The tone of the brown should really match the tone of the blue. Thus, walnut looks best with a light navy or rich blue suit. A medium to darker brown shoe would look great. Captoe, preferrably if the suit is busy.

          "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



            Agree that a darker shoe would work better. What about a burgundy if you have one? Somebody correct me if that combination doesn't work.



              @greg & losrockets thans for the reply.

              - I do have black park aves that i can pair with this suit if needed.



                what do you guys think about these as an

                alternative to the strands w/ the navy suit?

                I just picked these up at last chance



                  Are those walnut Fifth Avenues? They almost look chili in color. Those shoes look like they would work just fine.




                    Those are Walnut Cliftons.



                      Mike, I dunno. They look like Fifth Aves to me. Also, Cliftons are bluchers. These are oxfords.

                      I see people wearing dark navy and walnut all the time. Some people can pull it off, and some people can't. I'd say it has more to do with your overall style, fit of your clothes, accessories, and body type. It would definitely be easier to match with a dark brown.



                        @runners - in the inside it says Byron?

                        - it really does look chili.

                        @redbeard - really? from what i've read

                        the byron was replaced by the fifth aves

                        - attached is pics of the inside of the shoe



                          Well, I'll definitely go with the inside of the shoe! At first glance, they looked a lot like the Clifton's at my feet. Didn't notice the balmoral lacing. Sorry bout the confusion. Nice looking shoes though.



                            lol no worries redbeard

                            Now i just need to find out what color

                            this shoe is so that i can order the

                            saphir polish.

                            - any ideas?



                              According to the 2006 AE Catalog, model #2034 is Chili Burnished Calf.

                              That's a great pickup, I like the last the Byrons were on compared to Fifth Avenue. I regret not picking a pair up before they discontinued it.