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Vegas! Sat - Wed in June. What clothes & accessories should a style noob bring?

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    Vegas! Sat - Wed in June. What clothes & accessories should a style noob bring?

    Going with a buddy and it's our first time in Vegas, staying at Aria...Recently got out of a seven year relationship (I had zero style then, polo shirt or tshirt/destroyed jeans/flip-flops was my norm...I have greatly improved my style; I have an athletic build...I read a couple of comments on here about wearing a non-black suit w/o a tie...Not sure if that meant all day and night, if that was just the day, just the night or if since it'll be june, scrap the suit that all together...

    I now have a collection of slim/athletic cut button down shirts, some are solid colored and some with the roll up sleeve option (fabric "strap" attaches to the a button on the side of the sleeve to secure the rolled up sleeve) and shoulder epaulets...Should I wear button down collared shirts with non-destroyed jeans & leather shoes every day?


    Did you see Joe's post about this?



      Thanks for the link; yes, that's the source for wearing a suit that isn't black without a tie...However there's no mention of anything else to wear other than I guess a white shirt...No mention of what else to wear other than a suit, except on the last



        If you have any other jackets, especially gray, tan or navy you could wear them with jeans and a button-up.



          TheJagMan, keep in mind that it will be 95-100 degrees and sunny every day. There are no clouds. At night it gets as cool as 80 degrees. Wear clothing that you would be comfortable wearing into the pits of hell.



            @bruschetta - hahaha, exactly!



              Are you planning to go to any clubs at night? I was there in March and the guys I saw wearing jackets (some with pocket squares or bowties) at the clubs definitely stood out in a "trying too hard" sort of way. Not that you have to go with a GOS, but consider leaving the jacket off if you don't want to give off that sort of vibe..



                I will be in the clubs on some of the nights...Yes, the actual heat and the appearance of trying to hard were my concerns with a suit...



                  I was in Vegas for the first time this past January. I wore a jacket every day but the weather was much cooler then it is now. I think a linen jacket with jeans will be fine at night.



                    I go there about once a month, and during this time all the way through September, its about 100+ degrees. So +1 @bruschetta.

                    And this is the time where you want to stand out because let's face it, its Vegas. I don't know how conservative you are with the way you dress, (sounds like its a tad casual because you wear epaulet shirts) but when I go in the summer I add a touch of color to my wardrobe that really stands out. Think pink, light blues, and white. You don't want to layer to much because it's literally an oven out there. But you also want to look good and comfortable when you're out at night at a club or something. And most definitely take a tailored sport jacket; you'll stand out in a good way. Trust.

                    I would stay away from jeans man, unless they're white and even then. I mean they're cool at night when the temp drops a little bit, but some nice chinos will feel more comfortable and look a lot better.

                    A light blue or white button should do nice. Or those shirts that you have too. They're nice and casual, and will look good under a jacket too. I usually wear Polos when I'm playing at the casinos too.

                    If you wear a jacket, go for linen-cotton blend; anything else will cook you. Seersucker is cool too if you're a fan. All-linen is better IMO. Bare with me if I'm being too detailed, but I practically live there half the summer so I'm just giving you tips that have helped me over time. Don't wear sandals unless you're at the pool dude. It's not a good look.

                    If you're looking for a linen jacket try Yoox Or Ebay.

                    And I posted a little wishlist of what I would want to take to Vegas a few weeks ago. Albeit not to wear it all at the same time. I only picked up the trousers though since all that would cost me an arm and a leg. But I mean for color inspiration I don't know if any of it would strike your fancy.

                    I love Vegas. Great place to just go all out. Even with your wardrobe. Have fun man.



                      @damenfreghita Thanks for the detailed analysis. Other than a light blue and white (additional dark colors as well) I will have to buy like found a couple of linen blazers to wear I'm about to buy...



                        Have been out to Vegas twice in the last month. Mostly mid 90's although it got over 100 here and there. During the day I'm typically at the pool. If not, I'll wear nice fitting shorts and either a polo or button down with the sleeves rolled up and boat shoes or Jack Purcells. For the shirts I've been wearing madras quite a bit lately because they're lightweight and colorful. At night if I'm going out, I'll wear a lighter fabric suit and button down with the first few buttons undone. I echo the color comments and the no jeans thing. If I don't feel like wearing a suit/jacket, I'll wear some chinos. Jeans you'd be roasting in.

                        Although in reality, unless I'm going out to a nice restaurant/club, I really don't give it any thought. I wear what I normally wear.



                          I'm going to Vegas in two weeks! whooo. During the day I plan on wearing shorts, a polo, and pf flyers. At night I was planning on wearing a linen/cotton suit with gingham shirt, maybe a tie, most likely a tie



                            I too am going to be in Vegas in 2 weeks for my bachelor party. Ive been there a few times now, and it is my favourite place on earth haha. I spend the day mostly in shorts, a really light buttonup (usually linen)or a polo and some sperrys. Gambling at nice casinos and nighttime entertainment I usually go with some lighter material pants and a nice bright gingham shirt. I also will be bringing 2 suits (usually bring 1 but were going to be balling out a little more this time :P) 1 being navy seersucker and the other being light gray. I usually go tieless as it is freakin hot.

                            My favourite part is I get to dress the way I truly like everyday. My work allows me to dress a little more fun and flarey than most peoples work would which is great, but I still need to keep things in check a lot. Here I can bust out my bright colour chinos, my brighter shirts or ties (if I choose to wear one), etc... and just go with it.

                            Have an awesome time, it wont be hard to :P



                              I was in Vegas this past weekend, had a blast. I was wondering the same thing,what to wear. During the day,spent most of the time pool side drinking,rocked my boat shoes and swiming trunks. When we did stroll the strip, had some tan/khaki shorts with tank top and the boats, it was hot as hell.

                              At night (hitting up the clubs and strip club one night) I wore nice dark,slim fit jeans, gray blazer slim fit and button down slim fit shirt. Had brown leather wing tip medallion toe shoes. My friends kept poking fun and saying I looked like I own the place. Thats coming from guys who all wore black shoes with squared up toes and pretty big looking soles, untucked shirts and even baggier jeans. I even had 2 chicks comment on the attire, one loved the shoes and one said I was looking nice, funny part they were both with some dudes with them,that looked like shit.

                              Bring what YOU will feel comfortable and confident in, but try to wear something you might not normally wear if you where going out around your area. Trust me, lots of people will dress like sh*t. I saw a lot of jeans,black sneakers and even T's. Ofcourse there will also be some people in really nice outfits,saw a few suits,but not a whole lot. Its Vegas, alomst anything flies out there. Like I said, bring what ever you feel comfortable and confident in, have fun! I wanna go back again already! Go to Rain too, that place is nuts, had a blast there.