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Suggestions for stretch summerweight jeans?

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    Originally posted by robottawa View Post
    Has anyone tried out these before? The site says that they are 8.26 oz and they seem to have a fair bit of stretch, but I've never seen them in stores or heard from anyone with first-hand experience.

    good catch. just ordered those too. we'll see..



      Wearlight Gapflex Denim Chinos-Pretty nice actually. Super casual despite the chino pocket layout. Easy to dress up. Very dark, almost no white weft to it at all. Decently flexible, but i expected it to be more flexible given the material breakdown. Unusually thick for a something with the wearlight label. Just barely less thick than normal jeans.

      Roll n go jeans-Wow these are lightweight. Decently flexible, combined with the lightweight I prefer the material to the wearlight jeans and feel they wear lighter. despite the lack of the wearlight label and having less stretch. Looks more like real jeans. Will probably hold onto these.


        Sorry for the late reply - they're stretchy like Rapid Movement but a lighter fabric. Nothing like leggings, they feel like jeans.