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Sunglass Sugessions for Someone With Eye Glasses

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    Sunglass Sugessions for Someone With Eye Glasses

    I am looking for to buy my first pair of decent sunglasses.

    First, let me note that I do wear eyes glasses because I am near sighted. I have worn contacts in the past and find them unbearable. Given this situation, I am looking for a pair of sunglasses.

    I don't want to go the prescription sunglasses route, so I am looking for something which is stylish but won't be worn all that much. I won't be wearing them when I'm driving or anything which requires my eye glasses. I think I'll just wear them when I don't necesarilly need my eye glasses, such as when I'm out on the town or what not.

    The plan is to simply replace my eye glasses with the sun glasses when the scenario permits and vice versa.

    Can anyone provide suggestions?


    I was admiring these GANT glasses over at GILT:


    What's your specific aversion to prescription sunglasses? If price is the issue, and depending on your taste, Warby Parkers are a pretty good, affordable option.



      Price isn't much of an issue. I just don't see myself using sunglasses all that much, so in regards to getting the most bang for the buck, that's why prescription sunglasses don't appeal. I live in Denver, CO and while it's not as snowy here as people think, we do have very distinct seasons and the glasses would have to be set aside most of the year.



        What style are you looking for? There are lots of threads and Dappered posts on various affordable sun glasses. I think its safe to say a lot of people on the board agree that its hard to go wrong with Ray-Ban/Luxotica group eyewear, which can be had online for as cheap as $90. I've also seen Converse in a style similar to the Gant ones you posted but probably more money. I've never handled Gant eyewear in person but given the rest of the brand's pricing, I imagine it should be of fairly decent quality.

        Even if you buy online, its really a good idea to go to stores first and try them on. Sun glasses / eye glasses are so dependent on your face shape and are often available in 2-3 different lens sizes. I would just go to the mall and hit up the sun glass places and see what works and then go online and get them discounted.

        I don't quite understand the whole spiel on not wanting to get RX lenses, since you're just asking for people to ignore that fact anyways. I bought a pair of sunglasses thinking I wouldn't care but it was so annoying/disorienting that I hardly ever wore them and was much less likely to bring them along. Unless your RX is really really mild, being near sighted you will get A LOT more use out of them if you get lenses. I've got two pairs of RX glasses and wear them all the time, well worth the money.



          I co-sign with VespaMatt here that if you have RX glasses, make these sunglasses RX also if you dont have contacts. Trust me, its gonna be annoying if you wear your glasses all day not to suddenly wear the sunglasses without feeling strange about it. Even if it's just going to the local town square or whatever. I have a pretty advanced near sighted prescription also and wear both glasses and contacts now because my eyes have grown a little exhausted from so much contact use, so I'm also planning on getting RX sunglasses next. I was also looking into getting a pair of Gants. But first I want to ask around for prices on getting them RX'd.

          On another note, I'm looking to get some new eye-glasses but am having a hard time finding the right pair. Right now I have a pair of wire framed Ferragamo that I've had for about 3 years now. They've come to wear apart because of extreme use and I'm trying to find some plastic frames to change it up a bit. But the few that I've tried on have felt a little small on my face. The ones I have now are 54-16-140 so I've been looking online for something similar. Warby Parker frames all seemed to fit me quite small (or at least felt that way) when I tried them on in their showroom. When I mean small I mean my face is too WIDE for them. I'm not looking for something like this either

          Any suggestions?



            Why not just get lenses with the transition coating. I have been using Transition lenses for about a decade now and love them. It also me to have one pair of glasses for all occasions. The only place that they don't work is the car but I got a custom clip-on made for driving.



              why would you set sunglasses aside most of the year. Denver is sunny all the time! Just because it's not summer doesn't mean that your eyes don't need protecting from the sun. Sunglasses are a good investment, and I'd think twice about getting some that you can't see in


                I am considering getting some prescription Ray Ban wayfarers. I dont like having to put sunglasses on over my glasses. I also dont want to keep switching back and forth between glasses and contacts. The nice thing will be that the prescription sunglasses will be covered by my HSA


                  I've had prescription Ray Ban Wayfarers for a few years now and loved them.


                    I didn't want prescription sunglasses at first either. I ended up getting them though because I wanted some Ray Bans and I could get them for $55 under my insurance if I got them as a prescription. Not only is it cheaper but they really are amazing. If I had to describe what prescription sunglasses are like, I would say they make everything look really awesome! They even gave me the original lenses too so I could swap out the rx's but I have no desire to that.


                      I'm going to come down in favor of Rx shades as well. I love mine (a now three year old pair of Tom Fords with Rx lenses) and I wear them year round in New York.

                      That said, for either Rx or non-Rx shades (or eyeglasses), I always recommend Shuron ( They have a bunch of different models, all of which come in multiple sizes, so you avoid the "love the shape, hate the size" dilemma. If there aren't any retailers nearby, they'll ship you multiple pairs to try on, let you send the ones you don't want back and only charge you for what you keep. They've been around forever, the stuff is made in the USA and the frames are as close to indestructible as they come.

                      (also I'm not affiliated in any way with the company or a shill, just a satisfied customer)