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    Originally posted by dpark View Post
    Cardigans are “classic trendy”. They’ve been around forever and are back in style in certain circles. Wear them if you like. Don’t if you don’t. They definitely look dressier than, say, zip sweaters and are a little more convenient than pullovers.

    Personally I don’t own any normal button cardigans. They just aren’t my thing, though I don’t hate them. I do like the look of chunky shawl collar cardigans but don’t find them comfortable at all so the couple I have don’t get worn anymore.
    I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. I think thin cardigans are a tough look to pull off--they can sometimes look effeminate, sometimes a little too Mr. Rogers-esque. I am a huge fan, however, of chunky shawl collar cardigans, for the following reasons:

    1) Functionally, they are an easier layering piece than a pullover sweater. You can take it off without practically undressing, as is the case with a pullover.
    2) They are definitely dresser than a zip sweater, and can take the place of a lightweight jacket in the right weather (think spring/fall).
    3) Chunky cardigans are chock full of texture, and texture is a subtle, but super valuable way to add depth to an outfit.
    4) Some might disagree, but I think that shawl collar cardigans can be an interesting replacement for a casual blazer. Both have a form of lapel, can accentuate your physique in a similar manner, but a shawl collar cardigan doesn't *quite* have the same level of formality as a blazer (which can be a little too dressy at times, even with a very casual blazer). It strikes a good balance between casual and dressy.
    5) Admittedly, they are a fad right now for a number of reasons, including the fact that Daniel Craig often sports them in the Bond movies (see: Maybe they'll fall out of style in a few years.


      During the cooler months, I wear one at least once a week, usually a well fitted shawl collar. In my casual work place, a sport coat would look out of place 90 percent of the time, but a shawl collar is basically a dressed up hoodie. Love them.
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        I know this is a reference to current fashion trends, so bear with me...

        I think cardigans have become mainstream popular again since Drake started making appearances in cardigans. I also think Drake has singlehandedly brought back the turtleneck sweater into mainstream fashion.

        Cardigans have long been a thing for menswear style and northeastern US men's style in particular. But, as fashionable items to keep warm, the hoodie and lined flannel were more popular than cardigans in recent times. Now, I see people wearing cardigans regularly as if they are some sort of new discovery. I live in California, though, so it isn't exactly cardigan central around here to begin with.


          Originally posted by DocDave View Post
          Then whatever you do DON'T go to this thread. You've been warned:
          This entire thread made my day . I was comforted by the number of people who said they get ribbed by people when they wear them and baffled by the number who say they get compliments. Even the folks who showed pictures of cardigans done well, all I could think of was how ridiculous they look. To each his own I guess. If anything, it seems it's a somewhat polarizing item. You either like them or you don't. There aren't many people who are in the middle.


            Originally posted by mochi123 View Post
            I think they are much more versatile when pulled off right...with pulled off right being the part not easy for everybody haha
            Very true.


              I appreciate everyone's response. If nothing else, I found this is a pretty engaged community, and I'll try to be more involved in the forum. My mind wasn't swayed on cardigans, but that wasn't really the point. It's just not my thing.