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Simple Watch Co / Mr Simple - Buyer Beware?

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    Simple Watch Co / Mr Simple - Buyer Beware?

    I ended my headline with a question mark because I'm not sure what the deal is.

    Bought a watch from Simple Watch Co. Looks great! No complaints about it. Kind of a zen modernism vibe going for it, as much as a watch can have it going for it. The product is GREAT

    The shopping experience? Not so much.

    Simple Watch (and it's parent company, Mr. Simple) are based out of Australia. Over the past week between ordering and waiting for my item, I have been registered for or subscribed to over a dozen Australian paid survey sites and deal emails. My email didn't get hacked or anything, and it's not even a proper scam, it's just...weird. Every one of them is addressed to someone named Henrietta.

    A dozen is just the ones I've caught. There may be more lurking in my spam folder somewhere. Customer service defaults to saying they use Shopify, which is "very" secure. Still, order something from an Australian company, get besieged with Australian spam from someone.

    So, uh, buyer beware?
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