Okay, I need to complain about one of my sartorial pet peeves. I see this one all too often at college, the sloppily untucked shirts and ties.

Let me share very simple rule to keep things looking clean:

Only one item in the outfit can remain untucked.

So, if one decides to go with a jacketless tie (which I know many of you don't approve of, but we'll ignore that for argument's sake), the tie automatically becomes your untucked item. You aren't allowed to have an untucked shirt with a tie. It's probably the worst thing I've every seen. Even if your shirt fits, all I see is fabric flowing in the breeze. So just stop.

And don't think putting a jacket on top will help...

... 'cause it doesn't. (Author's amendment: Nevermind, THAT is the worst thing I've ever seen)

Rant finished.