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Made in America...Your Favorite Brands

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    Made in America...Your Favorite Brands

    In the last year I have tried to make an effort to buy more American Made goods. Not just clothing but all products. What are some of your favorite American made products; clothes, accessories, men's care, etc.


    Duluth Pack and Red Wing. They have the added bonus of both being made right here in Minnesota. Oak Street Bootmakers are also fantastic. Made in Maine and sold out of Chicago.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      Ratio Clothing.



        Hickey-Freeman. Best suit and sports coat I own by far.

        And Bonobos denim too.



          Allen Edmonds, right? (at least some of them, I believe)

          Seconding Bonobos denim, pricey but great jeans.



            Got a pair of AE and I can see why people gush over them. Also have a few fits from Bonobos that are made here. I really want a pair of Todd Shelton jeans and a Bear Claw weekend bag.



              Allen Edmonds (Haven't been impressed with their quality across the spectrum, but there are more winners than losers.)

              Alden (Well-made, but expensive shoes. Don't own any, but I've tried them on in the store.)

              Brooks Brothers (Clothier to presidents. Their better stuff is American-made.)

              Hickey Freeman (The nicest blazer I own is made in NY state.)



                I'll throw in Quoddy onto the list.



                  American Crew hair products

                  My cocktail videos >




                    Nothing is really a close second.



                      I love my filson bag!



                        Locally produced foods are on my list.

                        I think American auto companies are doing good things right now, I would probably support one if I were in the market for a car. (I love Chrysler's marketing campaign so much)



                          Pendleton Woolen Mills

                          Oregon Cyclewear for wool cycling jerseys.

                          Oregon Craft Breweries/Distilleries and wineries.

                          I don't subscribe to the Made in USA rhetoric, but I do like supporting Oregon companies.



                            Even if you aren't into Made in America, I want to advocate for everyone to make socially conscious shopping decisions. Here's a great website that rates companies on their labor practices. Human trafficking and other labor abuses are all too common around the world, and it really comes down to the consumers to make a change.

                   (They also have mobile apps for shopping in store.)